Prezentar Reviews
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Are you looking for a detailed Prezentar review that you think will help you stay outstanding and unique in your presentations? Then you have reached just the right spot! Here, you will find the answers to all your queries related to Prezentar, as we have done thorough, in-depth research on the very same topic.  

Prezentar Reviews Can This Software Create Amazing Presentations And Videos In Minutes?

Have you ever tried to come up with an eye-catching professional presentation for your tutorials, academic purposes, webinars, official matters, etc., but it was never up to the mark? If so, you must think about Prezentar software, one of the best presentation software.

On this page, you will get familiar with Prezentar. We will closely discuss everything about this presentation tool, such as what the Prezentar tool is, the creator, benefits, what’s included with Prezentar, and a lot more.

So, without any ado, let’s head onto the Prezentar reviews in detail.

Prezentar Reviews
Product NamePrezentar
CategoryVideo creating software
FounderAdeel Chowdhry
AimHelp you in creating powerful and innovative presentations in minutes
Launching Date6th June 2022
Benefits & Features
  • 50 Amazing Templates
  • Simple to Use Drag and Drop Editor
  • 50+ Text & Image effects
  • Interactive Animations
  • Save Projects in The Cloud
  • Steps To Use
  • Choose a Template
  • Customize the Chosen Template
  • Converting your presentation
  • Versions
  • Prezentar
  • Prezentar Professional
  • Prezentar X-Factor
  • Prezentar Halo 3D
  • Prezentar Auto Job Finder
  • Prezentar Agency Edition
  • Price $47
  • Client manager dashboard
  • Commercial license
  • Free agency website
  • Client attraction system and template bundle
  • Client feedback tool
  • Money back policy30 days
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What Is Prezentar Software?

    Prezentar cloud-based presentation tool that effectively creates perfect, professional presentations for all purposes beyond the profession. The presentations created using the incredible templates of the Prezentar tool make them highly interactive and impressive for the audience. This makes the audience hold their attention throughout your presentation. 

    The user only needs to opt for a template out of the 50 ready-made templates and start creating the presentation, and it’s done in no time. The presentations made using the Prezentar software tool can export in video or PDF format instantly.

    The intuitive interface of Prezentar video-creating software gives the users a hassle-free experience in adding transitions, text, videos, and images. It also offers real-time collaboration where the users can interact with others by sharing the presentations online. 

    Prezentar Software

    About The Prezentar Creator

    Adeel Chowdhry is the creator of Prezentar video-creating software. He is a renowned online entrepreneur holding over 10 years of deep digital industry experience and is a best seller. Pixel Studio FX and Sqribble are the two successful blockbusters of Adeel Chowdhry and have received tremendous attention worldwide.

    Each of these got sold for thousands of units globally. He is also known for creating high-standard professional software solutions that are still running on a successful track with massive user appreciation. 

    Prezentar Creator

    Previous Works Of Creator

    Sqribble and Pixel Studio FX are the previous worldwide hits of Adeel Chowdhry, the creator of Prezentar.

    Let’s have a look at his previous works in a snap.

    • Sqribble: Sqribble is a tool for creating eBooks that help users create eBooks and reports in seconds without typing any words. Following three simple steps deliver an engaging eBook for the users. By picking up a template and entering the URL for creating the content, Sqribble fills the page with unique content. And it’s all set to publish.
    • PIXEL STUDIO FX: PIXEL STUDIO FX is a cloud-based technology tool for designing eCovers. The users will get professional and powerful eCovers that can bring excellent audience attention in a three-step process. The simple steps in using this tool include picking up a template, customizing eCover, and exporting it.

    How Does Prezentar Tool Work?

    The Prezentar presentation creation tool is simple, and it works in three easy steps to bring perfect, engaging presentations that meet all standards.

    • Step 1: Pick a template

    The first move is to choose the template that works great for you. On Prezentar, there are 50 ready-made templates holding 500 content slides that cover vast niches. All you need is to pick a template and get started.

    • Step 2: Customize the template

    Once you are ready with your template, you need to customize the presentation to make it a perfect fit for your needs. To come up with the best, you can add animations, magical effects, logos, new sections, change backgrounds, and edit text. To make your presentation more attractive and unique, you can record and edit audio from inside the software based on the idea that pops up in your mind. 

    • Step 3: Download and share

    There are multiple downloading options once you are ready with your presentation. It’s upon the users whether to choose HTML, PDF, or Video for exporting. You can share the final presentation on social media with a few clicks within seconds. 

    Prezentar Working

    Who Is The Prezentar Intended For?

    Prezentar cloud-based software has been keenly developed for busy marketers, small or big business owners, and all who are eagerly looking for an affordable presentation-making tool. Intended for those busy people, it makes quick presentations with no particular knowledge of using it before. 

    Beyond profession and age, everyone can enjoy making engaging presentations with beautiful templates. Customizing it by adding videos and audio makes it stand out from the crowd. Creating a professional presentation takes only a few minutes, even in your hurry hours. 

    Adeel Chowdhry’s Prezentar Versions

    There are five Prezentar software versions available. Depending upon the use and situation, the users can choose any versions that they think will make the presentation better.

    • Version 1: Prezentar PROFESSIONAL

    Prezentar PROFESSIONAL is a full-packed version of Prezentar. It comes with 150 more templates which are the best ones. This even holds graphics, slides, features, icons, animations, and a lot more.

    In the upgraded version of Prezentar PROFESSIONAL, you can work on a very effective Video Sales Letter creator, another product built and included in Prezentar. This allows you to create good-quality video sales letters that help to boost the conversion rate.

    This version is best suited for all those who want a variety, of power-packed templates.

    • Version 2: Prezentar XFACTOR

    Prezentar XFACTOR demands a small payment to get fresh modern templates, slides, icons, and graphics for the whole year. This version works perfectly for agencies and marketers to keep their presentations engaging to grab constant attention. 

    • Version 3: Prezentar HALO

    Prezentar HALO is a 4—in—1 software suite. Using this will give the users access to 4 powerful apps that helps in increasing traffic and sales through the presentations. 

    The apps are as follows:

    > Flipbook Creator APP – Helps to turn your presentations into highly interactive flipbooks.

    > 3D Rotating Carousels APP– A design app to highlight your presentation content to grab attention.

    > Hypnotic Transitions APP – Group of professional presentation slide transitions to raise the sales pitch.

    > HD Background Skins APP – Helps to draw audience attention to increase the views, sales, and leads

    • Version 4: Prezentar’s Auto Job Finder 

    This Prezentar version helps users to make money. This is the right option for the users who create presentations to get paid. It will find the perfect clients automatically and notify them as it helps the users fulfill the client’s requirements on time and get paid. 

    • Version 5: Prezentar Agency Edition

    If you are working as a team, this Prezentar version can deliver the best in creating presentations. This helps to work globally as a team for a centralized workforce where every team member can collaborate on working to increase productivity.

    Prezentar Versions

    What’s Included With Prezentar Video Creating Tool?

    Prezentar video creating software aids you in creating an effective presentation with high-quality content without any designing skills or content creation background. Thanks to this highly efficient presentation tool with a bundle of features. 

    Let’s take a look into each of the Prezentar features offered:

    • 50 Amazing Templates – The users can easily make the right choice in selecting an incredible template that suits their project demands. The 50 unique templates will never make the users feel bored in choosing one.  
    • 500 Slide Layouts– The slide layout is the backbone of a presentation. Each template with 10 slide designs is enough to develop a unique, well-structured presentation.
    • AnimationFX Studio: This feature ensures that the audience will never get bored once they are into your presentation. The animation and other attention-grabbing effects are available in a single click to the user.
    • Convert to Video: Your presentations can turn into Video automatically. Creating video presentations is great for tutorials, sales videos, and webinars. You can save the videos or even upload them anywhere on social media channels.
    • Built-In Audio Recorder: The built-in software aids in recording and uploading the audio to the slides. No other software is required to make use of this feature.
    • Audio & Music Studio: You can add and edit music or the uploaded audio within the software with nothing else to install from your side. 
    • Drag & Drop Technology: With this feature, it is easy to edit and move images, texts, or other objects in the slides. The user doesn’t need to come from a coding background or any designing skills to work. 
    • Fully Customizable: The users will get complete control over the presentation to customize it fully with a single click on the button. This 
    • Add Unlimited Slides: There is no limit to adding slides to your presentation. You can even tell a story using the Prezentar presentation, where the options are endless.
    • Unique Branding: Brading made easy with Prezentar. The options are available to add a logo and personalize the presentation with the apt colors and frames that suits your brand and makes your stand unique.
    • 500+ Font Collection: Fonts make the content beautiful. You can undoubtedly make something for yourself from hundreds of fonts, colors, sizes, and styles.
    • Text & Image FX: The excellent text and image effects add a wow factor to your presentation. There are 50+ text and image effects from which you can choose yours. 
    • 8000+ Image Library: The massive collection of incredible images never makes you fail in choosing the right one for your unique presentation. There are unlimited images that are totally free to use.
    • 250+ HD Backgrounds: A high-definition background helps boost the standard of your presentation. From 250+ HD backgrounds on Prezentar, you can find your perfect match.
    • Stock Photo Integration: The integration of Prezentar with other high-end stock image sites will make you find that particular ideal image you want in your project.
    • Upload Images: You can upload any image from your computer to the slides you created. There are no restrictions in choosing the photo from your gallery and using it on the slide editor.
    • Image Crop Tool: For making an image fit into your slide, cut, crop, and resize options are available. It’s easy to work on this in-built tool that helps you save time.
    • One-Click Sharing: Instant sharing of your presentation globally using a link is made possible in minutes. This feature helps in increasing traffic to your brand.
    • Cloud Storage: The presentations you make get stored in your dashboard forever. These saved presentations can be viewed or edited in the future anytime on the go. 
    • Embed Videos in Slides: If you think your presentation does miss a video, you can directly upload any videos to your presentation. This feature helps those who conduct case studies, testimonials, and demonstrations.
    • Export to Video, PDF & HTML: Your final presentation can export in PDF, Video, or HTML format with high quality. 

    Prezentar Benefits

    The Prezentar presentation tool helps you to create presentations for the following:

    • Video courses (Udemy, etc.)
    • Tutorials
    • Webinars
    • Demonstrations
    • Content Videos
    • Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
    • YouTube videos
    • Facebook videos
    • Landing page videos
    • Seminars and events
    • Pitch decks for investors
    • Classrooms or meeting rooms

    Prezentar Pros & Cons

    Here are the known pros and cons of the Prezentar video-creating software. 

    Let’s have a look:


    • Simple and user-friendly presentations 
    • Unlimited use of the presentation tools
    • Stylish and appealing templates
    • Can use Prezentar tool with zero professional background
    • Highly Affordable Presentation tool
    • Ready-made templates for quick presentation making
    • Boost engagements 
    • it is Perfect for branding


    • The users should opt for a plan upgrade to use the vast features of Prezentar video-creating software
    • Video export takes a bit long time

    Comparison Between Powerpoint & Prezentar Video Creating Software

    Prezentar cloud-based software is loaded with cool stunning templates and is not a PowerPoint alternative. The well-packed features of Prezentar software are on a higher-end compared with the PowerPoint presentation tool that you have used from childhood till now. 

    Everything is getting dated, then why not your presentations? Using Prezentar software, you will enter into a new world of customizable presentations with unlimited access to the tools.

    Once you use Prezentar software, you will never get back to PowerPoint, as Prezentar helps you create everything from tutorials to sales pitches and much more.

    Powerpoint & Prezentar Comparison

    Bonuses Included With Prezentar Software

    Prezentar video-creating software offers five special bonuses that make it worth investing in the latest technology-based presentation tool. The Prezentar boneses are as follows:

    • Bonus 1: Free commercial license worth $497 – This allows the users to sell presentations to the clients. 
    • Bonus 2: Client attraction system and templates bundle worth $297 – Allows the users to access client-attracting templates and super email strategies to meet new clients daily.
    • Bonus 3: Free Agency website worth $997 – Fully customizable, ready-made agency website is ready for the users to work. This helps to attract big clients by showcasing yourself as a professional agency.
    • Bonus 4: Client manager dashboard worth $147 – This helps the users to keep track of all the details of the clients and their proposals on board. This is a perfect key for bringing up maximum revenue.  
    • Bonus 5: Client feedback tool worth $247 – Instant feedback from the clients on sharing the presentations and coming up with the best work upon remarks makes everything get on track fast. 
    Prezentar Bonuses

    Prezentar Customer Reviews

    Here are the few Prezentar reviews from the real users given below:

    🔹 Mercy

    I am totally satified with Prezentar software. This presentation software helped in creating various presentations with high audience engagements. The features that make the presentation into videos are outstanding.

    🔹 John

    I have been using it in some of my work projects, and it simply made me feel amazing with a wide range of templates, styles, images, and much more.

    🔹 Stella

    I was looking for a tool to make some hassle-free presentations for my studies. Thank god for this perfect Prezentar software tool with unbelievable features. It worked for me in scoring a high grade and impressed me well. 

    Final Verdict On Prezentar Reviews

    From the Prezentar reviews, we can make sure that this powerful software is designed to help everyone looking for the perfect software to develop efficient presentations. Regardless of your profession, this tool helps create courses, videos, tutorials, webinars, etc., without compromising its quality.

    It’s undoubtedly getting popular, and the Prezentar customer reviews show the same. Converting the presentations to videos is one of the highlights of Prezentar.

    Allowing the users to record audios, customizable presentations, hundreds of fonts, thousands of image stocks, etc., deliver unique presentations with high positive feedback from the audience.

    Once you are into Prezentar video-creating software and enjoy its features and benefits, you will become a pro in creating presentations that meet all standards. So, think differently from the usual boring presentations and give Prezentar a try!


    1. Does it work on my Mac?

    Prezentar presentation software works both on a Mac and PC. All you need is an internet-connected device to work.

    1. Does this offer a money-back guarantee?

    Sure. Prezentar offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, your investment is safe.

    1. Is there any limit to using this tool?

    The number of presentations you can create with this tool is endless. 

    1. Is there any storage backup for saving the presentations?

    Yes. Prezentar holds a cloud-based store where the presentations get saved with lifetime access.

    1. Which format can be used to export?

    The users can download their presentations in any Video, PDF, and HTML format.


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