Jamie Chung Admits Using A Surrogate Because She Was Terrified Of Being Pregnant
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Jamie Chung admitted that despite her desire to have children Jamie Chung admitted that she felt “terrified” that being pregnant would put her career is put on hold.

Jamie Chung Admits Using A Surrogate

The actress and partner Bryan Greenberg welcomed twin boys into their home in October last year. Now Chung has spoken about their decision to utilize an embryo donor. “I was frightened of being pregnant,” Chung, the Dexter: New Blood star, confessed during an interview on Today. I was scared of the possibility of having my lifestyle in limbo for two or more years. If you don’t get a job within a month from your previous job, it’s like you’re a quick disappearance in my field. The work we do is at an incredibly fast pace, and it’s an agreement we came to as an entire couple.”

Jamie Chung Admits Using A Surrogate Because She Was Terrified Of Being Pregnant

She then explained that one reason she chose to keep the pregnancy secret even though she had shared her experience of freezing the eggs she had in 2019the reason is that surrogacy is viewed as a sin. Chung acknowledged, “I think there’s a little embarrassment.” “It’s still a rare occurrence, and we weren’t prepared for the reaction.” We just wanted to protect ourselves. We announced when we felt ready.”

Chung earned her fame in the MTV show The True World: San Diego in 2004 and has been trying to establish an acting career since then, with the most recent working on the comedy Reunion, where she stars alongside Jillian Bell as well as Chace Crawford. “I’m sure people think, ‘Oh, she’s so vain.'” She didn’t want to be pregnant,’ she said, “and it’s a lot more complicated than that.” “For me, personally, and I’ll stop there, I’ve worked my tail off my entire life to reach where I am.” I’m not going to miss any possibility. I’m not looking to become bitter.”

The actress in January admitted that she struggled with postpartum depression as she went through what she described as the “difficult transition” of being a first-time mommy. “Therapy really helped me mentally prepare for this lifestyle change and not be afraid to talk about certain concerns because it’s not the first thing you want to say when you have kids,” she said to People. It’s not ideal to start with a traumatic one or a difficult one; however, I think that postpartum depression can be real.” “I felt a bit uncomfortable with certain emotions I experienced,” she added. It’s a relief to know that it’s normal and that it’s due to stress and anxiety as well as for some experiencing this, it can be a challenging transition.”

Chung moved to Manhattan in 2013 when she moved to Manhattan. At the beginning of 2012, she began to meet musician/actor Bryan Greenberg. In December 2013, they announced their engagement. Greenberg engaged Chung through a tune he composed while visiting Chung’s hometown of San Francisco. In October of 2015, they were married in El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, California. The wedding took place over three days, starting with a welcoming dinner on Halloween evening where guests were invited to dress up in costumes, and concluded with a ceremony for the wedding on the 31st of October, where Chung Greenberg and Chung Greenberg exchanged vows of non-denominational.

The couple announced on the 24th of October 2021 that they were the parents of twins that were brought to term through cryopreservation of oocytes.

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