Home Sports Tony Hawk Net Worth, Income, Career, Bio 2022!

Tony Hawk Net Worth, Income, Career, Bio 2022!

Tony Hawk Net Worth, Income, Career, Bio 2022!

Anthony Frank Hawk, an American former professional skateboarder, actor, producer of films, and philanthropist, is now a philanthropist. Many magazines have ranked Hawk as one of the best skateboarders ever, and Tony Hawk also owns the skateboarding company Birdhouse.

Tony Hawk Net Worth, Income, Career, Assets, Family, Bio 2022! How Rich Is The Legendary Skater?

Hawk is also well-known for his computer game named after him, which has generated billions in international revenue. The iconic skateboarder has also appeared in many films and television shows.

Tony Hawk Net Worth, Income, Career, Bio 2022!

Tony Hawk Personal Life

Hawk Dunbar and Cindy Dunbar were together in high school. They got married in April 1990. Their son Riley Hawk was born in 1992. Like his father, Riley Hawk is a skateboarder and is sponsored by Baker Skateboards and Lakai Limited Footwear. Hawk and Dunbar split in 1994. Hawk and Erin Lee were together from 1996 to 2004.

Spencer was one of their two sons. Hawk and Lhotse Merriam married from 2006 to 2011. Kadence Clover Hawk was their daughter. She was born in 2008. Hawk married Cathy Goodman, an Irish woman, on June 27, 2015. Hawk lives with his family in Encinitas (California).

Tony Hawk’s Net Worth

Tony Hawk has a net worth estimated at $140 million. Tony’s earnings include sponsorships and tournament awards, investments, and video game series. He also makes movies and television shows.

As a skater, Hawk earned more than $100,000 annually. He bought his family home with the money he earned in high school when he was a senior. He has won millions of dollars through sponsorships and prize money.


At 14 years old, Hawk joined the Powell Peralta pro squad and was subsequently featured in the iconic Bones Brigade movies. Hawk was a respected street skater and was considered a master. However, it was crucial for him to show his skills as a “vert” (vertical) skater during the 1980s/90s. At the age of 16, he was considered one of the best skateboarders in the world.

Hawk was the National Skateboard Association’s world champion for 12 consecutive years. He also won over 70 tournaments. Hawk would also design many maneuvers that are now standard in the sport, such as the ollie to-Indy, Saran wrap, and gymnast plant.

Many maneuvers he would design were later considered the standard in the sport. These include the Saran wrap, ollie, Indy, Saran plant, and frontside 540-rodeo turn. Skateboarding started to gain popularity after the Extreme Games, later renamed the X Games in 1995. Tony Hawk holds 10 X Games gold medals and three silver medals, and he also has two bronze medals.

Hawk was the first skateboarder ever to successfully land a 900. This refers to the 900-degree circle that the skateboarder makes while on a skateboard during the X Games in the summer of 1999. He made eleven attempts to achieve the feat and declared afterward that it was “the best day of my entire life.” Hawk’s signature feat was still possible a decade later. This accomplishment continues to inspire people inside and outside the skating community.

Tony Hawk decided to stop competitive skating after the journey was completed, but he is still active. After being invited to a Father’s Day celebration by Barack Obama, Hawk was the first to be granted formal permission to skateboard on White House grounds.

Hawk was also inducted into the Skateboards Hall of Fame in 2009 for the first-ever time. Transworld Skateboarding Magazine named Hawk second in the world for being the most influential skateboarder after Mark Gonzales.

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