Captain Marvel’s Ultimate Weapon Is Another Avenger

Captain Marvel's Ultimate Weapon Is Another Avenger
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Although Captain Marvel has long been recognized as a one-person army capable of conquering even the most terrible cosmic threats, she now concedes. Her greatest weapon is not the energy projection that makes her impervious to most assaults but rather her bond with another Avenger on a work-related basis.

Captain Marvel’s Ultimate Weapon Is Another Avenger

When introduced by Carol Danvers to a Kree technology that activated previously dormant cosmic capabilities in her body, she became Captain Marvel. Flying, manipulating and absorbing energy, producing photon blasts, and self-maintenance are only a few examples. Carol Danvers has, in a sense, become invulnerable to attack.

Captain Marvel's Ultimate Weapon Is Another Avenger

Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers’ heroic alter ego following the death of Mar-Vell, her lifelong companion and mentor. After understanding her full ability as a hero, Captain Marvel became a member of the Avengers, though not the most powerful. It also helps that she has one of her fellow soldiers to lean on often.

It Turns Out That Another Avenger Is Captain Marvel’s Deadliest Enemy

Carol Danvers tries to locate a wicked sorceress in Kelly Thompson, and Jacopo Camagni’s Captain Marvel in the hope that she may teach her magic after Captain Marvel’s petition for magic instruction was rejected by every other magic user on Earth. A surprise awaits when she gets to her destination: Captain Marvel, who has been summoned by Enchantress, who asks for her help. “I find it amusing you believe Thor-King of Asgard, All-Father, God of Thunder, and more lately Herald of friggin Galactus-doesn’t know precisely where you are,” Carol tells Enchantress when she inquires about how she was found. Enchantress has gone to great lengths to evade the Avengers.

She names Thor by name without being questioned, which suggests that she has access to his knowledge of the whereabouts of any enemies she wishes. It is a fascinating reaction from Captain Marvel, and Thor seems willing to share that information with Captain Marvel without reservation. Carol’s hunt for Enchantress to master magic should have sparked some red lights within the Avengers after Doctor Strange aired his concerns to every hero in the Marvel Universe about Captain Marvel learning magic. No more questions were asked of Captain Marvel Enchantress by Thor, it seems. 

What Other Bad Guys Could Thor Be Able To Help Captain Marvel Track Down In The Future

Thor is willing to help Captain Marvel locate whatever villain she is after, so she may assault any criminals without their knowledge. She is physically capable of defeating almost every foe she encounters because of her superhuman strength and stamina. As a consequence, she stands to gain considerably from the added element of surprise.

To ensure her victory, Captain Marvel might have used her cosmic powers to identify and kill her enemies, much as Thor did in this issue, by using her powers to destroy them before they knew she was there. Here we see Thor, another Avenger, as the most potent weapon in the arsenal of Captain Marvel’s foes.

Carol Danvers, a US Air Force officer, contacted the Kree. Following an encounter with Kree weaponry, she was infected with Kree DNA, which gave her powers of superhuman strength, energy projection, and flight. Captain Marvel is her new superhero moniker, as she used to go by before she was known as Ms. Marvel. She became a member of The Avengers once they chose to expand.

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