Chelsea Handler And Jo Koy Break Up Ahead of One-Year Anniversary!!

Chelsea Handler And Jo Koy Split Before Their One-Year Anniversary!!
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On July 19, 2022, the Chelsea Handler presenter announced that she and Koy had split up on Instagram. The Chelsea presenter is 47 years old. The two intended to mention their breakup on their wedding anniversary in the title of the video. In the video Handler wrote, “It is with a deep sadness to say how we have jointly decided it is best for someone to take a rest from our relationship at this time.” 

Chelsea Handler And Jo Koy Split Before Their One-Year Anniversary!!

According to an insider, “their pals are holding out hope that they can still resolve it. But if anything, it’s obvious that their connection has improved them both.” Handler said, “One of the greatest gifts of my life has been to be cherished and adored by Jo Koy. He restored his trust in people, in love, and in being completely myself, and I have never been more hopeful about the future.”

Chelsea Handler And Jo Koy Break Up Ahead of One-Year Anniversary!!

Then Handler told Koy in a message, “You blew the doors off my creativity, my desire to work hard once more, and my passion for traveling. You reminded him of who he was and always has been, and my feet have never been more securely rooted in the dirt. No, this is not the outcome. Knowing that he is still adored and that he still appreciates this man in the same way that the sun and moon do bring me comfort.”

Handler finally said, “A member of your staff is coming. So, please continue to support both of us, because you never know what life will bring. And let’s first start by everybody attending the theater on August 5 and purchasing tickets to Jo’s new film, Easter Sunday, and Filipino Pride! Let’s move!”

Both 51 years old, Handler and Koy met one other. Their meeting was about 20 years ago through a common buddy. Koy thereafter continued to appear frequently on some shows. Handler’s previous show ran from 2007 through 2014.

Dating rumors initially surfaced when Handler and Koy were photographed holding hands. It was at a Los Angeles Dodgers game in September. Later, she wrote Koy a note in which she confessed her love while keeping his identity a secret. Days later, Handler posted two images to Instagram. One of which included the couple sharing a kiss, establishing their relationship as official.

Handler invited Jo Koy, a comedian as well, to join her podcast in October. This is to talk openly about their relationship. Even though they both felt their chemistry was great right away, Handler didn’t immediately picture Koy as a potential romantic partner. It is due to his brother’s aura.

She spoke to her older brother Chet, and stated, “You have a lot of the qualities that my brother had, pointing to Koy. So, in a lot of ways, she feels like she is safe. And she thinks, oh, this is family, as though I’ve always thought of you as family.” Chet died in 1984. Handler claimed that she fell in love at the age of 46 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in October. As a result, she now has optimism for everyone in the world.

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