Facts About Melia McEnery, The Wife Of Eric Clapton

Melia McEnery is a famous American socialite and philanthropist. Melia McEnery is best known as Eric Clapton’s second spouse. Eric has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame three times.

Melia has a tight relationship with Crossroads Center. It is a hospital on the island of Antigua. It helps drug and alcohol addicts overcome their addictions. Eric Clapton started it in 1998.

Additionally, she serves on the boards of several additional organizations that support children.

Melia McEnery moved to California after finishing her schooling. She was able to find odd employment over the first few years to help her pay her costs. She served as the hostess of a party that Armani planned.

Facts About Melia McEnery, The Wife Of Eric Clapton

She prefers to avoid the spotlight despite the popularity and unwanted attention. She has received from the media meanwhile she started dating Clapton.

Melia McEnery was born on February 1st, 1976 in Columbus, Ohio, in the US. She has Korean and Irish ancestry from her mother’s side and Scottish and English ancestry from her father.

Facts About Melia McEnery, The Wife Of  Eric Clapton

Her mother was a homemaker and her father, Walter, worked in construction. Her parents have only one child, her. Bishop Watterson High School was where Melia studied.

Eric Clapton And Melia McEnery’s First Meet

McEnery has previously met Clapton. She was working as an executive assistant in Los Angeles at the time. McEnery had recently moved to Los Angeles. Her high school lover tried her luck there.

The encounter between the Columbus native and Eric took place. At a party thrown for the artist from Surrey following a performance. Giorgio Armani actually threw Eric a success party.

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Melia was one of the party organizers and was below severe orders not to speak to any of the attendees. Nevertheless, she went to Eric to request a signature for her uncle, as she put it. Following that, the couple secretly dated for a year before coming out as a couple in 1999.

After a year of dating, they split up, but they quickly reconciled. Eric Clapton And Melia McEnery began dating in 1999 and went through a brief breakup in 2000. They quickly got back together.

They welcomed their first child, Julie Rose, in June 2001. Some reports claim that the pair actually connected at a charity auction held in Los Angeles in 1999.

Melia McEnery And Eric Clapton’s Wedding

In January 2002, McEnery wed Eric Clapton, the singer of Tears in Heaven, in Ripley’s St. Mary Magdalene church. Melia was 25 at the time and married the Brit Award winner on New Year’s Day in a private ceremony.

None of the attendees at their wedding realized that they were witnessing McEnery and Clapton’s marriage ceremony.

Actually, the couple had invited them to Sophie Rose’s baptism. It is at the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene in England. The Cocaine singer and his girlfriend declared they were also getting married right then and there.

Melia And Eric Clapton Have Three Daughters

Three daughters include Julia Rose who was born on 13, June 2001, Ella May was born on 14, January 2003, and Sophie Belle the progeny of Mr. and Mrs. Clapton born on 1 February 2005. Clapton also has a daughter, Ruth, from a prior union with the manager of a recording studio, Yvonne Kelly.

Melia And Eric Clapton Have Three Daughters

He had Ruth Kelly, his first daughter, in 1985 while they were still married. Soon after, he had another affair with Italian model Lory Del Santo. Lory Del Santo was also the mother of his one and only son, Conor. Conor was born on August 21, 1986. Conor tragically passed away.

On the 53rd level of a Manhattan apartment building. The kid sadly perished in March 1991 after falling out of an open bedroom window. The event later served as the basis for Melia’s husband’s popular song, Tears In Heaven. Melia is Isaac Eric Owen Bartlett’s stepgrandmother through her husband.


Melia McEnery, then 22, and singer Eric Clapton, then 53, first connected at a 1999 Armani event in Columbus, Ohio. Following his performance, Clapton was given a party.

Despite being under severe orders not to speak to the visitors. She approached him and requested an autograph for her uncle despite this.

Despite his reputation as a womanizer, Clapton later admitted to the media. He was taken to her right away and made a conscious decision to conduct himself properly right away.

The two developed a real interest in one another throughout their meeting. It led them to go on a dinner date right away following their initial meeting. Their meeting extended much beyond the brief introduction. Despite having a big age gap of 31 years, the pair quickly started dating.

Melia McEnery Wedding

She allegedly dumped Chris Losinski, a coffee shop employee. She had a long-term relationship at the time, in order to be with Clapton. In one interview, her ex-boyfriend claimed that although he had believed her claims.

Melia McEnery Wedding

She and Clapton were close friends, he had actually used limos to entice her away. After dating for a year, they briefly split up, apparently owing to the pressures of his job. However, rumors were that the couple had reconciled. They were expecting their first child and began to circulate in the latter part of 2000.

She apparently ended her long-term romance with Chris Losinski, a coffee shop employee, in order to be with Clapton. She stated in one interview that she and Clapton were good friends.

But her ex-boyfriend alleged that he had actually used limos to woo her away. They dated for a year before briefly breaking up, presumably due to the demands of his profession. However, in the latter half of 2000, reports. It is that the couple had reconciled and were expecting their first child that started to spread.

Do They Remain As Couples?

After his two kids were baptized, Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery renewed wedding vows in front of the clergyman and the guests. From March 1979 to June 1989, Clapton was married. It was an English model and photographer Pattie Boyd. This marriage did not produce any offspring for him.

Melia and Clapton are reportedly very much together, despite some facts. That they have appeared at each other’s sides far less frequently during the past five years.

The last time Melia’s musician-husband mentioned his wife was on his Facebook page in November 2020. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and talked about his wife’s charitable work.

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