What Happened To Owen Wilson’s Nose? His Net Worth, Early Life 

What Happened To Owen Wilson's Nose Owen Wilson's Plastic Surgery, Net Worth, Early Life, And More
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Owen David Wilson was born on November 18th, 1968 in Dallas, Texas. In addition to being an advertising executive, Robert was also the owner and operator of a public television station. His mother, Laura, was a professional photographer.

What Happened To Owen Wilson’s Nose? Owen Wilson’s Plastic Surgery, Net Worth, Early Life, And More

Luke and Andrew Wilson are his other siblings. In addition to Owen, Luke has been in multiple films and is a member of the Frat Posse. Andrew is also an actor but in much less well-known parts. 

What Happened To Owen Wilson's Nose His Net Worth, Early Life 

After graduating from the New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Texas at Austin, Wilson pursued a Bachelor of Arts in English at the latter institution. Wes Anderson tapped Wilson to write the screenplays for Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums after he appeared in Bottle Rocket. A literary award was given to Owen for his work on the film Royal Tenenbaums. After the Cable Guy, Wilson featured in a movie directed by Ben Stiller, a future Frat Pack member.

As a result, Wilson’s real estate holdings are more likely to be long-term investments than genuine homes for the actor. It would explain why his real estate holdings, which account for most of his net worth, are estimated to be around $40-50 million.

Owen Wilson Early Life 

He had a unique upbringing with two brothers who were both performers and filmmakers. For many years, his creative parents discouraged him and his brothers from watching television.

In the wake of Wilson’s expulsion from school for stealing his teacher’s Geometry textbook, his life took an unexpected turn. After his exam-passing strategy of copying the answers failed, Wilson was sent to military boot camp in New Mexico. The University of Texas in Austin was his first stop after returning from his time abroad, and he majored in English at the university.

Owen Wilson's Early Life 

His parents, advertising executive Robert Andrew Wilson but also photographer Laura Cunningham, had him as the middle of their three sons when he was born. Brothers Andrew and Luke also have a hand in the film industry. He comes from an Irish family.

Career Beginnings

For the film Bottle Rocket, he co-wrote the screenplay with Anderson. Anderson made a short film based on it a few years ago. In 1996, the full-length version of the film was made available to the general public for viewing. Even though it was a commercial flop, it was praised.

Fans of the film Bottle Rocket enlisted Owen in Ben Stiller’s 1996 film The Cable Guy, which also featured Jim Carrey.

In ‘Permanent Midnight,’ a comedic drama based on Jerry Stahl’s novel of the same name, he plays heroin user Nicky. Despite its critical praise, the picture failed to make money at the box office.

The picture was a big hit at the box office, and “Shanghai Knights” had him reprising this role in 2003.

As a co-writer, he contributed to the writing for Anderson’s comedy-drama ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ (2001). In addition to being nominated for various prizes, the film’s script was nominated for an Academy Award.

Owen Wilson’s Net Worth

Owen Wilson is a well-known screenwriter and actor in the United States and now has a net worth of $70 million. Owen Wilson has amassed many film credits throughout his career, making him one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry.

Owen Wilson's Net Worth

With an average of $75 million in revenue per picture, Owen Wilson’s films have brought in more than $2.25 billion in revenue throughout the United States and Canada. Wilson is identified with the film director Wes Anderson because he has starred in many of Anderson’s films. Additionally, he is a regular participant in the movie of the so-called “Frat Pack,” starring actors such as Ben Stiller, his brother Luke Wilson, and Vince Vaughn.

Personal Life/Relationships

Celebrities Sheryl Crowe, Kate Hudson, Gina Gershon, and a long list of others have all been romantically linked to Owen Wilson. Owen Wilson and Jade Duell had a baby together in 2011; however, the couple eventually broke up. Caroline Lindqvist, another ex-girlfriend, gave birth to Wilson’s second child in 2014. Since then, he has had a daughter with another girlfriend named Varunie Vongsvirates, who also ended their relationship in 2018.

To date, Wilson still hasn’t met Vongsvirates’ daughter, whom he last spoke to in 2019. Wilson is reportedly said to be paying her $35,000 a month in child support, which equates to $435,000 annually. Child support for the mothers of his other children has not been established.

Owen Wilson Awards And Honors 

The Royal Tenenbaums was nominated for Best Original Screenplay for an Academy Award.

Because of their work together in the movie “Wedding Crashers,” he and Vince Vaughn were awarded the MTV Movie Nomination for Outstanding On-Screen Duo in 2006.

Awards And Honors 

Owen Wilson Business Ventures

A fellow student in military school introduced Owen Wilson to Wes Anderson, a filmmaker he would eventually collaborate with. Wilson’s first acting role came about due to this relationship in the 1999 film Bottle Rocket. Despite the film’s initial failure at the box office, it has developed a devoted cult following. Many of Wes Anderson’s later films included Wilson, including Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums, which he subsequently acted in.

In the wake of Bottle Rocket, Ben Stiller cast Wilson in The Cable Guy. It wasn’t long before she appeared in films like Anaconda and Armageddon, followed by Permanent Midnight and The Minus Man. These films boosted Owen Wilson’s career, demonstrating that he could play humorous and tragic parts.

Wilson’s career took a giant leap forward when he appeared in Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan in 2000. On a budget of about $55 million, the picture earned a respectable $100 million at the box office and garnered excellent reviews. He had a prominent part in 2001’s Zoolander, which made $60 million at the box office, his most lucrative appearance to date. Later, Wilson participated in the action picture Behind Enemy Lines, which grossed over $92 million in worldwide box office revenue despite primarily negative reviews.

Real Estate, Automobiles Owned/Private Jet

Regarding real estate, Owen’s investments have been particularly successful throughout the years. Owen has some residences in the Los Angeles region, including a beach house in Malibu and a sprawling estate in Santa Monica on two lots. The home next door, acquired for $1.6 million, was demolished, and replaced with a lawn on his first Santa Monica property, purchased in 2000 for $755,000.

It was in 2007 that Wilson paid $5.85 million for two adjoining parcels of land on Hawaii’s Maui Island (one of which is oceanfront). A 1,980-square-foot, $1.235 million residence in the Westdale district of Los Angeles was purchased by him in 2012.

Owen Wilson spent $1.524 million in LA’s Pacific Palisades area in 2014 to expand his real estate holdings. The three-bedroom house, just around 1,500 square feet, isn’t exactly suited for a superstar like Owen Wilson, so many assume he bought it for financial reasons alone.

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