Bodies Bodies Review: A Refreshing Take

The latest A24 movie, Body Body Body, is upon us and in the manner of A24, it gives us a refreshing take on a story as old as time; in this case, the murder mystery. While it might seem like recent media has just been littered with murder mystery content, like I said, it’s a really refreshing take and one you won’t want to miss on the big screen. Body Body Body theatrical release Friday, August 5.

(LR) Maria Bakalova (Bee), Amandla Stenberg (Sophie), Myha’la Herrold (Jordan), Rachel Senott (Alice) – Corps Corps Corps

Like I said before, the plot of this movie is a murder mystery, but it really is a refreshing take on a time when it seems like murder mystery media is at its peak. It takes place in an isolated house with a group of teenagers who have gathered to participate in a hurricane party (yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like). The band decides to play a game called Bodies Bodies Bodies, and if you’ve ever heard of or played Among Us, that’s exactly it. Director Halina Reijn excels at delivering not only an intense story, but also one that can be laughed at.

I just can’t say enough how in love I am with the cast of this movie. Maria Bakalova plays the main character, Bee. Bee is the newest member of the group and although she was shy, she also seemed to be the most under peer pressure, which makes the role quite interesting in which she really shines. Pete Davidson takes on the role of David, and let me tell you, he can act! David is the wealthy snob of the bunch and most often serves as comic relief in serious situations for the band, and it’s done so well that I assure you you won’t leave the theater without at least a smile.

The real star of the show for me, however, has to be Amandla Stenberg (Sophie). She was, and I cannot tell you enough, ABSOLUTELY STELLAR. She’s an outgoing party girl, though she’s fresh out of rehab. She’s also Bee’s girlfriend and the reason she’s on a trip in the first place. Every scene Sophie finds herself in is absolutely phenomenal as it might be one of the best parts, if not the best, of this whole movie.

Body Body Body
Amandla Stenberg (Sophie) – Body Body Body

Finally, I would like to highlight the humor of this movie, because it was downright hilarious. Early on, we were given a glimpse that this was going to be a refreshing take on what is usually a dark, dark story. The funny moments in this film aren’t just comic relief, they work and work very well, which is probably in part due to the phenomenal cast on display as well.


From the storytelling to the pacing to the overall atmosphere, this movie really doesn’t skip a beat. This is 100% a film I would give time to re-watch. If you’re a fan of A24 movies or murder mystery stories in general, this movie is one you won’t want to miss.

RATING: 8.5/10

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