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What Is “Double Cup” TikTok Song? Lyrics and Trend Explained


Double Cup is one of the viral TikTok songs named luclover L$D which has been viral on TikTok.

Tiktok has become the most popular platform where people can share their funny moments and dance videos with the public. Most Tiktok celebrities earn billions of dollars just by uploading a short video.

Tiktok is a short video hosting app owned by Chinese company ByteDance. It provides a variety of short user videos, stunts, tricks, jokes and dances using a unique filter with a duration of 15 seconds to ten minutes.

Also, many TikTok stars have uploaded a short TikTok video using the song “Double Cup” in their TikTok ID. Initially, TikTok star mero_428 uploaded a TikTok video in his TikTok handle, which has already surpassed 5.4 million views.

Moreover, this Double Cup TikTok trend is getting a good response from viewers, and many TikTok artists have uploaded short videos using this song.

What is a TikTok song “Double Cup”?

Double Cup is a popular song on Tiktok which was released on April 22, 2022 by Flash Milla.

@mero_428 Double Cut #mero ♬ Double Cut – MERO

Many TikTok users uploaded a short video using this song. Tiktok artist TikTok uploaded a short video using this song, which has surpassed millions of views.

Also, many viewers love the “Double cup with my top down” line, and this line recently went viral on Tiktok. Many couples have uploaded a TikTok video using the song “Double Cup…”

This song has crossed 1 million views on youtube channel as of August 2, 2022. Tiktok has helped this song to grow rapidly among audiences and let them get more viewers.

Moreover, “Double Cup” is the viral line of the Lucclover-L$D song that many TikTok users make dance videos in.

Learn more about Double Cup lyrics and trending

The lyrics of “Double Cup” and Trend are quickly going viral on TikTok and other social media.

@williams.jml 🔥🎥 #mero #doublecup #doublecupchallenge #qdh #fyp ♬ Double Cup – MERO

Many TikTok celebrities and artists have uploaded TikTok videos using this song. This trending video helps them boost their videos and get them posted quickly.

Also, a famous TikTok is called William. JML also uploaded a short video with this song. He crossed 24.8k views and 28.5k likes in his TikTok video.

Moreover, trends and fashions change day by day. It mainly depends on the taste and preference of the users.

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Compilations of Original Videos and Double Cup Challenges

Double Cup The original video is on youtube with the name Flash Milla-Double Cup.

This official clip is on the youtube channel name motojelmusicgroup. Moreover, this YouTube channel recently gained 2.29k subscribers as of August 2, 2022.

Many viewers and audiences gave positive feedback to this music video and showered them with lots of love. This song, “Double Cup With my Top Down”, went viral on TikTok.

Moreover, many TikTok users have uploaded challenge compilation videos in TikTok, and most challenge compilation videos are on youtube.

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