Cardi B Friend Death In Manhattan Accident

David Fernandez and Joel Adames were famous personalities from Inwood, Manhattan. Their passing created a moment of mourning in the Inwood community.

It’s David Fernandez on the left and his friend Joel Adames on the right. Fernandez was a talented barber and dancer, who offered salsa lessons on the side. Adames is remembered as a devoted father to a little girl, who was about to turn 2 in the fall. @NBCNews

A woman witness and cousin of Adames says: “They were right there, and the cars [were] just jump the curb.

Likewise, a friend of Fernandez’s, Jolemy Clase, says, “He was just an amazing person. The community loved him.

A relative of Adames says: “He was my little cousin, a lover. He was the love of the family.

Waiting, @AlbortEinstone on Twitter showed his rant against negligent drivers.

He tweeted: “I’m surprised there aren’t more crashes like Inwood’s.” People drive like maniacs and are forced into the wrong lane due to double/triple parking cars. I saw an NYPD tow truck drive past a line of them yesterday in Inwood. They should all be towed/verbalized.

Cardi B commemorated Adames and Fernandez in a social media post.
Cardi B commemorated Adames and Fernandez in a social media post. (Source: Instagram)

Rapper and songwriter Cardi B also paid tribute to her two friends on social media. She wrote: “Foolishness, negligence, I hope the worst for whoever did this!” The rapper also said. “Took someone so loved, full of life and just amazing, leaving people to destroy. RIP JOEL.”

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