Peter Meijer, a representative from Michigan, cast a vote for Trump’s impeachment.

Peter Meijer, a Representative from Michigan, voted to impeach Trump.

Few elected officials can vote to remove a president from office during his first week in office.

One of them was Peter Meijer, a young Republican lawmaker from Michigan who is also the scion of a multi-billion dollar supermarket network in the Midwest.

Hailing from Michigan’s Third Congressional District, Peter James Meijer is a well-known business pundit and politician who has served in Congress since 2021.

Gerald Ford was once the representative for Grand Rapids, the administrative center of the district. He is a supporter of the Republican Party.

The Meijer family, who established and owned the Meijer supermarket business, own Meijer.

Pierre Meijer

Pierre Meijer

Gabriella Zacarias, wife of US Representative Peter Meijer, is younger than him.

Unlike her husband, Peter Meijer, who often makes the news because of his political involvement, Gabriella Zacarias is not well known in the media.

Gabriella is an intelligent woman with degrees in neuroscience and economics from prestigious universities, despite her avoidance of politics. Let’s talk about Meijer’s wife in more detail.

She appears to be in her early 30s, but Zacarias did not give her age or date of birth. His 34-year-old wife served in the US Army Reserve and was stationed in Iraq between 2010 and 2011.

The couple married in Rio de Janeiro in 2017 and had been together for over three years. Although they are childless, the couple aspire to have a child in the future.

Net worth comparison of Peter Meijer and his wife Gabriella Zacarias – How much do they earn?

Politician and management consultant Peter James Meijer once represented Michigan’s 3rd congressional district.

As of August 2022, Peter’s net worth is expected to be $21.3 million. Peter Meijer is unquestionably a wealthy man.

Peter is a wealthy man due to the success of his businesses and profession and the money they bring him.

Gabriella, on the other hand, kept her money and other personal information secret. Her husband comes from an affluent Michigan family that owns the supermarket chain Meijer Inc.

The de Meijer family is worth more than $6 billion, according to Forbes. His family is said to have a trust worth around $50 million.

Does Peter Meijer have children? Details about his family

Gabriella Zacarias, adored wife of Peter Meijer, is devoted to him. The couple had been together for some time after meeting at Columbia University.

Then, in September 2017, Gabriella and Peter said “I do” to each other in Rio de Janeiro, where they have since been married.

Since then, the couple have made numerous concurrent public appearances and gained popularity.

There has been no news of the couple’s legal adoption and they are yet to give birth to any children.

For the first time in the series, Peter is seen in August 2020 congratulating Gabriella for helping him win as she is a loving wife.

Peter is also blessed to be the son of Deborah and Hendrik Meijer, co-founders and wealthy American businessmen of the Meijer supermarket.

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