Russia: Marc Fogel Wife Jane Fogel Appeal For Help

Marc Fogel is 61 years old. Marc grew up in Butler. He loves to travel and is passionate about teaching children around the world.

In his statement, Keelan said: “That would trigger his inclusion in negotiations, trades etc. His life is just as precious as anyone’s, and worth saving. “

According to Keelan, the family is pleading with the Biden administration to declare Fogel illegally detained, which would launch official diplomatic efforts to secure his release.

A Twitter post made for Marc Fogel that says
A Twitter post made for Marc Fogel that says “Free Marc Fogel” (Source: Twitter )

Marc Fogel’s criminal defense attorney at Moscow Region’s Khimkinsy Court, Sasha Phillips, has given his word, hinting that the ‘wrongfully detained’ designation would commit more US government resources to securing his release. and transfer its case to the jurisdiction of the US government.

Phillips further added in his statement, “Marc has cooperated fully with the investigation and prosecution; submitted substantial evidence of prior medical treatment, debilitating medical conditions, and his doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana.

“This sentence is grossly disproportionate to the sentences handed down by Russian courts in similar cases involving similar amounts of marijuana and even exceeds the sentences handed down by Russian courts to major drug traffickers and murderers,” she said. .

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