What Happened To Rauw Alejandro? Puerto Rican Singer Death Fact Checked On Google News

Puerto Rican rapper and musician named Rauw Alejandro is Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz.

He belongs to the new generation of Puerto Rican urban musicians and has been nominated for four Latin Grammy Awards.

With his song Toda, Rauw Alejandro gained his first significant level of international recognition. After a series of Latin hit songs, including Baila Conmigo with Selena Gomez and Todo de ti, he finally reached the top of the international pop charts in 2021.

Following death rumors on social media, people are unsure whether rapper Rauw Alejandro is still alive or not.

rauw alejandro

rauw alejandro

Some facts about Rauw Alejandro

Age 28
Date of Birth January 10, 19993 (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Nationality American
Occupation Singer composer
Girlfriend Rosalia Vila Tobella

Google News Fact Check: Rauw Alejandro, Dead or Alive

Social media users spread the word about Rauw Alejandro’s death, and Google also updated its death report on August 1, 2022.

However, the official news did not release any details regarding Rauw Alejandro’s passing. Regarding the death of the rapper, Internet users are perplexed and tweet.

Many Twitter users claim that Rauw Alejandro is still alive despite Google’s notification that he has passed away. Twitter users claim Rauw Alejandro is still alive and wonder why Google is reporting his death.

“Why is Google claiming that Rauw Alejandro is dead, he is not dead, correct,” Twitter user @lizyahutd tweeted.

The death rumors regarding rapper Rauw Alejandro are, however, false as they have not been covered by any reliable news source.

Rauw Alejandro Sexuality – Is he gay?

Despite claims to the contrary online, singer Rauw Alejandro is not gay. In 2021, Alejandro was the subject of LGBT rumors, but once the rapper started dating Rosalia, a well-known Spanish singer, people’s opinions about him seemed to change and they now thought he was hetero.

Her pink outfit and her appearance while wearing it were the only factors used to determine her sexual orientation.

After being seen holding hands and beaming warmly as they left dinner at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles, Rauw and Rosaia were the subject of romance rumors.

They also posted their first TikTok video, in which they can be seen using their arms to do real hand movements.

Proud parents of Rauw Alejandro

Raul Ocasio and Mara Nelly Ruiz, Rauw Alejandro’s parents, welcomed him into the world in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

While her father plays the guitar, her mother provides backing vocals. The R&B and dancehall genres were introduced to Alejandro when he and his father spent several years living in the continental United States, particularly in Miami and New York.

Alejandro loved to dance, so when he was younger he participated in talent shows at school. After high school, he applied to the University of Puerto Rico.

He was developing a love for dancing as well as music, which helped him in his career. However, Alejandro’s first love was football, despite the fact that his life and ultimate destiny was musical.

Alejandro played football from the age of six until he was forced to quit due to injury at the age of twenty.

The fact that this happened after he arrived in Orlando, Florida to be scouted by the Premier Development League indicates that his effort ultimately failed (PDL).

After quitting football, Alejandro started to feel a bit depressed. To cheer up, he put a few songs on Soundcloud. What follows is historical.

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