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Who Were Mervyn Schwarz & Maree Schwarz? Farm Massacre Killed The Husband-Wife And Their Son Graham Tighe In Australia


In a massacre on a farm in Australia’s remote outback, a mother, father and son perished. Mervyn Schwarz, Maree Schwarz and their child Graham Tighe have been identified as the deceased.

After police received the call, the event was reported Wednesday morning around 9 a.m. A man who had been shot in the stomach had traveled several kilometers to contact the police.

The disturbing incident, which some are calling a ‘farm cull’, took place in a small mining community with only around 200 residents in the remote Bogie area of ​​north Queensland.

Mervyn Schwarz and Tide Schwarz

Mervyn Schwarz and Tide Schwarz

Who were Mervyn Schwarz and Maree Schwarz? Obituary of the deceased couple

The slaughter on the farm in the vicinity of Bogie in North Queensland claimed the lives of Mervyn and Maree Schwarz. Just 18 months ago, the female victim celebrated her grandmother. She had a smile on her face as she did this while showing the picture to the child. The family of the deceased may soon publish an obituary, but the police are also actively investigating.

At 9am police received a call reporting that a man had been shot near a remote rural property near Bogie. He was well known for being one of three guys who died in the shooting.

It is possible that the family is currently assisting law enforcement in their efforts to find the person who survived this horrific event. Acting Queensland Police Superintendent Tom Armitt said they traveled to the rural area with extra caution as gun use is widespread there.

The incident also led to the identification of four victims in total, all belonging to the same family. In addition, the suspect had been arrested by the authorities.

A murderer also killed their son Graham Tighe in a massacre at the farm

The farming couple and one of their sons, Graham Tighe, were brutally murdered on the spot. Fortunately, Tighe’s younger brother, who had been shot, was able to escape the massacre at the farm. He had fled to another farm, called the police and it was he who asked for help.

The property was in a remote and hilly area, so he could drive several miles to set off the alarm. He was rushed to McKay Base Hospital as he was covered in blood.

He would have been operated on for the gunshot wound he received, according to the authorities. He was in the intensive care unit and later received another report that his condition was stable.

Suspicious neighbor arrested and charged with convictions

After being identified as the alleged shooter, a neighbor was arrested. He was a longtime local, according to Armitt, and will remain in custody. He further stated that they were going to criminally charge him in connection with this incident.

The fact that the two parties had gathered at the gate of the property earlier in the day was also known to authorities. After talking to each other the night before, they decided to meet there the next morning.

Cops also learned that the Schwarz family and couple had just paid $10 million for the 300 square kilometer property in May 2021, according to Daily Mail. The plots have several areas of use for agriculture, animal grazing and livestock.

The investigation is still ongoing, but it is believed that a land dispute was the main reason for the tragedy.

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