CelebrityAnnamaria Gana, whereabouts in custody? Timeline for the Murder...

Annamaria Gana, whereabouts in custody? Timeline for the Murder of Husband Antonio Gana


Annamaria Gana, where is she in police custody? Chronology of the murder of husband Antonio Gana

A criminal named Annamaria Gana was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the 2011 shooting death of her husband in front of his children.

Investigation Discovery’s Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death: Mother’s Day Murder tells the horrific story of how Annamaria killed her husband, Antonio, on Mother’s Day in 2011.

Annamaria Gana

Annamaria Gana

Annamaria Gana, where is she in police custody?

In April 2013, a jury found Annamaria, 43, guilty on two counts of attempted murder and first degree murder. They also learned that she had committed the extraordinary act of killing someone while waiting, and they confirmed the validity of the separate allegations of the use of a firearm causing serious injury and death.

In June 2013, Annamaria’s first degree murder conviction was reduced to a second degree murder conviction as the possibility of murder by expectation was ruled out. She said she was ashamed of what she had done and acted out of anger and depression.

Annamaria Gana attempted to kill her sons as well as her husband Antonio Gana.

Annamaria and her children observed Mother’s Day on May 8, 2011. The whole family attended and had a blast. She then retired to her room to relax. She had pulled out a gun and fired a bullet into the ceiling, officials later found. Antonio, the children and others rushed to the scene to investigate.

Then Annamaria started shooting Antonio, hitting him in the chest. The first person to enter the room was him. Then, as Annamaria chased the children as they escaped, she shot Tony in the arm. He somehow managed to leave the house so he could call 911.

Alfonso took his mother’s gun as she attempted to kill herself in the head. However, the bullet narrowly missed his neck. Alfonso then grabbed the gun and ran outside. Annamaria was motionless and staring into the distance when the police found her with Antonio. When questioned by a deputy sheriff, she confessed to shooting Antonio.

What happened to Annamaria Gana?

Annamaria is still being held at the California Institution for Women in Chino, Riverside County, records show. She will be eligible for parole in 2036. She admitted that her deeds were wrong but that she had gone insane due to her medical issues to commit such a terrible crime.

The defense claimed that Annamaria suffered from delirium, psychosis and sadness as a result of her cancer treatment during her trial in 2013. Annamaria was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, which required a double mastectomy. As part of her treatment, she was receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

She also used medication to help her sleep. Annamaria told the police that her recent stress was the result of their unsuccessful venture. She found out that she had been thinking about suicide for a few weeks and planned to kill her family first.

After more than ten years in the army, Antonio Potenciano Gana left the army. At the island nation’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport, he also served as general manager. While working in the Philippines in 1991, Antonio and Annamaria met for the first time.

The couple’s two children were named Tony and Alfonso. Around 2007, the family moved to Tustin, California after Antonio retired. There they acquired a franchise for a UPS mail center, which was their main source of income.

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