CelebrityKTVU Journalist Leslie Griffith Gets Tribute By The Network...

KTVU Journalist Leslie Griffith Gets Tribute By The Network As She Passes Away At Age 66


Leslie Griffith was a courageous journalist who often undertook risky assignments in order to gather material and produce the stories that earned her a strong presence on live television.

She began her career working as a reporter for newspapers, including the Denver Post and the Associated Press.

She worked as a television journalist for the next 25 years, including as a news anchor on the KTVU network.

She mastered the three-ring circus in what could be a tumultuous situation when a huge story first broke because she was a true breaking news specialist.

Leslie Griffith

Leslie Griffith

KTVU Anchor Leslie Griffith Dies Aged 66 – What Happened?

Leslie Griffith, a well-known journalist who spent over 20 years hosting KTVU Channel 2 News, is gone.

According to KTVU news, she died Wednesday at the age of 66 in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

The circumstances of his death have not yet been made public, at least not yet. Those close to her said she was battling a long illness.

Everyone is hurt by the news of his untimely death. On social media, his fans and colleagues pay tribute to him and send their condolences to Griffith’s family.

On tonight’s 10 p.m. news, a full obituary will air, according to KTVU.

Journalist Leslie Griffith suffered from Lyme disease according to her family

On August 10, journalist Leslie Griffith died. She has been a dynamic figure in the Bay Area news landscape for many years.

Griffith has been showing symptoms of Lyme disease since being bitten by a tick in Oregon in 2015, according to a family member.

KTVU reporter Greg Liggins recalled his first encounter with Leslie and posted a moving message for his colleague on Twitter.

He said: “She was the epitome of an expert. When Leslie was the sole weekend anchor at @KTVU in the 1990s, I got my first opportunity to work there.

Newballpark @newballpark paid tribute to the adaptable news anchor on Twitter and remarked, “Leslie, who teamed up with Dennis Richmond, was excellent and more than held up. Gone too soon. In peace, please.

Leslie Griffith disease: what are the causes and symptoms of Lyme disease?

Leslie Griffith, a well-known KTVU presenter, had Lyme disease. Seven years had passed while she took care of it.

According to our research, ticks carrying the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi can transmit Lyme disease, a vector-borne illness, to humans.

The disease spreads when a blacklegged tick, sometimes called a deer tick, bites someone and remains attached for 36 to 48 hours.

According to WebMD, symptoms can begin to appear anywhere from three to thirty days after the bite. However, it may appear to vary depending on the stage of infection.

The first signs of illness are just as common as the flu. It involves joint pain, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills, and headache.

Without treatment, symptoms could worsen and lead to heart palpitations, stabbing pains, tingling in the hands or feet, and severe headaches.

How are Leslie Griffith’s husband and family doing now?

Miles Griffith is the husband of Leslie Griffith, and the two have two daughters together. Berkeley, California is where his family currently resides.

The family was inconsolable over his unexpected death, especially his two children. They requested isolation because they are still mourning the loss of their mother.

Griffith owned property in Mexico and had resided there since 2016, a family member said.

Trenton, Carly and her two grandchildren, according to KTVU, are her two surviving children.

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