Celebrity"No wonder daughter disowned you," Jon Voight was criticized...

“No wonder daughter disowned you,” Jon Voight was criticized for saying when the FBI raided Donald Trump’s house.


“No wonder my daughter disowned you,” Jon Voight was criticized for saying when the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home.

PALM BEACH, FL: After criticizing the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Florida residence, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight has come under fire from netizens. After authorities raided the former president’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach on Monday, Aug. 8, he vented his rage on Twitter.

Voight called Democrats “crazy” in a video that was uploaded to the microblogging website. He also urged Americans to pray for the 45th president “to rise from this wicked act on him.” “My fellow Americans, we must not allow our nation to crawl into a hole,” the 83-year-old said. We cannot allow evil to engulf the whole world. Assert our authority. Let’s all pray that Donald Trump overcomes this evil deed done to him and makes a bigger comeback than ever.

Jon Voight

Jon Voight

They might try to take this man down, the Anaconda actress said, “but one thing is for sure: President Donald Trump will tell the truth to the American people. My fellow Americans, the violent protests against Trump will simply serve to demonstrate how the bad guys are afraid of the truth coming out.

Democratic fools are guilty of lying, using deceptive tactics and abusing the only president in this country who has the best interests of the American people at heart, according to Voight.

The raid, which is linked to an investigation “into his handling of classified and sensitive material”, was also denounced earlier by Trump, according to the BBC. “These are dark days for our nation,” he reportedly said in a statement, “as my magnificent property, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently besieged, overrun and occupied by a huge group of investigators. from the FBI.

“A President of the United States has never experienced anything like this before. The 76-year-old said, “This surprise raid on my residence was neither necessary nor acceptable after working and cooperating with the appropriate government departments Additionally, he asserted that “broken third world countries are the only places where such aggression could occur. Unfortunately, America has become one of those nations, with unprecedented levels of corruption.”

Meanwhile, a commenter slammed Voight saying, “It’s no wonder your daughter disowned you.” Dude, none of that, the second user wrote. He took secret documents. It’s so easy. lmao. This is definitely America. No one is above the law and everyone has the right to a fair trial under the rule of law. The third person corrected the ‘Midnight Cowboy’ actor, adding, “And even take the Fifth Amendment to prevent self-incrimination if they want to.

“Wow. What a show. You are a great lying speaker. Impressive but harmless, read one tweet. Sorry your king and savior Trump is suffering the consequences of his own actions, read another tweet. SAD.” Another reviewer said, “His gossip about his Trump hero worship is absolutely pitiful, although I have enjoyed several of his films.”

James Barrow
James Barrow
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