CelebrityAccording to an attorney, Yue Yu's husband fabricated up...

According to an attorney, Yue Yu’s husband fabricated up a poisoning incident in order to gain custody of the children.


According to a lawyer, Yue Yu’s husband fabricated a poisoning incident in order to get custody of the children.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA: The lawyer for dermatologist Yue “Emily” Yu, who was discovered adding Drano drain cleaner to her husband’s lemonade, says it was just a ploy used by her husband Jack Chen to obtain “custody of the children”.

“The idea that my client, a highly respected 45-year-old dermatologist from Orange County, would destroy her life, destroy the lives of her children and try to kill her husband is just completely absurd and false, and indeed defamatory. attorney David Wohl said in a statement to CBS Los Angeles.

On August 4, Yu was arrested after her husband accused her of adding the substance to her drink. She was not charged and was released on bail on Friday August 12.

Yue Yu's husband

Yue Yu’s husband

Wohl alleges that Chen, a radiologist, secretly recorded his wife three times in their home as she poured the liquid into her lemonade, but Chen argued that his client was actually using the cleaning agent to unclog a drain.

Every time she put Drano in a cup, he noticed, “It was empty. Its purpose was to make it easier to use the sink or any other area of ​​the house where drainage was clogged.

Wohl claimed that Chen made up the poisonous story in order to obtain Yu’s divorce and custody of the couple’s two children because he was “desperate”. He remarked, “We totally believe that those comments he made are all crucial to this effort.

Meanwhile, Chen testified in a court statement that at least three times in July his wife allegedly poisoned his drink. He claimed that after he got quite sick and noticed a chemical taste in his lemonade, he started having second thoughts. He finally made the decision to put a cam nanny in their kitchen. In addition, he asked the court for a restraining order against his wife of ten years. Additionally, he accused Yu of mistreating their children, aged seven and eight, by physically and verbally abusing them.

In a court filing acquired by the New York Post, Jack said, “Emily will frequently use a Chinese phrase that means ‘go die!’ when she gets mad and yells at the kids. She also calls kids “fucking idiots”, “stupid idiots”, “fucking moron”, “your head has a problem”, and “get the f**k out of my way.”

Yu allegedly stopped the children from going to bed before Chen wanted to.

James Barrow
James Barrow
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