CelebrityOn Twitter and Reddit, watch the full HD viral...

On Twitter and Reddit, watch the full HD viral video of Trisha Kar Madhu.


On Twitter and Reddit, watch Trisha Kar Madhu’s viral Full HD video.

A Bhojpuri actress named Trisha Kar Madhu rose to notoriety after her private MM*S went viral online.

In the well-known footage, she was seen in a bedroom with an unnamed man. It seems that the actress is currently making her comeback to perform in front of her admirers.

The public responded favorably to Trisha’s most recent composition, the song “Ka Kare Coaching Jalu”. Sunny Gehlori sang the song and Sai Prakash composed the music.

The actress recently announced the song on her Instagram and shared a preview of “Ka Kare Coaching Jalu.” She used the hashtags “#raushansingh” and “#janilekahearajalu #raushansingh #trishakarmadhuofficial @raushansinghsh”.

When the actress’ 22-minute MM*S went viral in August, it took the internet by surprise. Since then, she started experiencing harassment on the internet. In the well-known MM*S video, Trisha was photographed cuddling an unnamed man in a bedroom. Following the incident, she received criticism, which raised issues. She appeared on social media and expressed regret for her behavior after the video went viral.

Trisha Kar Madhu

Trisha Kar Madhu

Shocking! After the success of Bhojpuri diva Trisha Kar Madhu, Shilpi Raj’s MM*S has gone viral.

Due to her viral MM*S, singer Shilpi Raj from Bhojpur is making headlines. In a recent video that has recently started going viral on social media, Shilpi and her lover can be seen in an offensive stance. When the music video was uploaded, it quickly rose to fame. Shilpi recently posted a video of herself tearfully begging viewers not to spread the viral footage. “There is absolutely no happiness, even though I work in a nice workplace and have a good spouse.” I feel weird, said Shilpi.

She makes suggestions that she was taken advantage of while pleading with netizens to take down and not distribute the video. I didn’t go out alone, she said. I’m online now because of you guys. My love is your love. I sang once in class. Now that I’m gaining notoriety, people are in trouble. She continued sobbing, “Why are you uploading dirty movies to YouTube?” I have no idea what’s going on. People insult you and inquire about your partner. Could you kindly remove the video?

She is not the first member of the Bhojpuri entertainment industry to have her MM*S revealed online. On a previous occasion, actress Trishakar Madhu’s private film, which showed her in a sexually explicit pose with a man, also went viral. After her MM*S went viral, Trisha Kar Madhu made a statement on her social media page. “Khuda sab dekta hai, muje gerane k leye meri viral private video kar deye, aap ki sister k sath koy sadi kar k ou aagle din #suhagrat ka viral video kar de in bariya lage ga,” she said in her message. Bihar me, iatna gatiya kuch log v host hai ye nahe janti the.

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