CelebrityTreasure Perry: Know about , a teenager whose mother...

Treasure Perry: Know about , a teenager whose mother fought tooth and nail to keep her on life support.


Treasure Perry: Know, a teenage girl whose mother fought tooth and nail to keep her on life support.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA: The heartbroken mother of a teenage girl whose life support system was recently turned off says her daughter was still alive when the treatment was turned off. After suffering a life-threatening allergic reaction to shellfish and an asthma attack on July 23, Treasure Perry was hospitalized and put on life-sustaining medication. She was rushed to Riley Children’s Hospital in downtown Indianapolis, but on August 2, doctors determined she had already died from a brain injury.

It was said that on Thursday, August 12, the 17-year-old’s life support system was disabled against her family’s wishes. It is said that initially a judge accepted the family’s claims and made the observation that “the harm suffered by the plaintiff will be irreparable inasmuch as if the life support measures are removed, the plaintiff will likely be deceased”. However, the judge eventually reversed his decision. However, on Wednesday August 11, the court decided not to grant the family’s request to keep the patient on life support for another week. Instead, the court ordered the family to seek out a hospital that would be willing to provide medical treatment for the girl.

teasure pery

teasure pery

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However, it was said that the search for another hospital was also unsuccessful as Treasure did not have a tracheostomy. According to the Mayo Clinic, a tracheotomy is a surgical procedure in which a hole is created through the front of the neck and into the trachea (trachea). In order to keep the airways open for breathing, a tracheostomy tube is inserted through the hole.

Angela Kosarue, the teenager’s mother, previously told NBC that “God can work a miracle, but I know it’s over time.” This was before the teenager was taken off the ventilator. She went on to say, “I have no intention of giving up. I still do not know. I’ve exhausted all my alternatives, but I’m going to keep fighting for her until the end,” she said, adding, “I think death happens when your heart stops beating. and your body stops.”

Treasure, who was one of her seven siblings, was remembered by her aunt Skylee Nicole Kosarue as “an outstanding niece, sister, aunt, daughter and granddaughter” after her passing. Skylee Nicole Kosarue was one of Treasure’s relatives. Skylee said they never gave up hope for her, despite the doctors failing her and us. The aunt took to Facebook and posted the following message: “My baby!! She was a lovely person and she made a point of letting me know how much she cared about me. You left with a piece of my heart. Things will never be the same again in life. I am literally at a loss for words. No one understands how much suffering this causes. No one can understand my pain right now.

In a previous post, Skylee mentioned the following: “Riley Children’s Hospital has given my sister, Treasure’s mother, until noon today and they will take her off life support. My sister made a valiant effort to end their oppression. She attempted to engage in a fight with Treasure. She would be rejected by everyone. It’s such a depressing and messed up world.

She included the following in the note: “Why is my newborn child taken away from me and my husband? Because she’s trying to catch her breath and live on her own? I shouldn’t be expected to understand something I can’t. I have no idea what to do next. My heart will be broken beyond repair. Things will never be the same again. My immediate family will never be the same again. Just say a prayer for both of us, please. At this moment, our suffering is indescribable.

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