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What We Know About Tamsin Rose NSW Reporter For Guardian Australia


Australian journalist Tamsin Rose is a New South Wales reporter for Guardian Australia. She remained adamant about her role as a political spokesperson.

Her thorough understanding of unbiased policies and articles makes her a scholarly person with trustworthy coverage.

But she’s not one to give away much about her private life, but we did manage to unearth some untold truths.

Here’s everything we know about Tamsin Rose.

Rose of Tamsin

Rose of Tamsin

Tamsin Rose works for The Guardian Australia

Australian journalist Tamsin Rose is currently serving New South Wales with great input regarding government policy ideas on climate issues.

But it was not an easy journey as she started as a journalism intern at Seven Network in 2016. After two months of experience, she moved on to Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Australia and News Corp Australia, where she started in the newsroom. before moving on to producing Kid’s short stories.

According to her LinkedIn, she became a newsreader for JOY 94.9 FM in Melbourne. After a failed business venture, she returned to News Corp Australia as a federal political reporter, as she also worked for the Herald Sun on the sidelines.

Before earning her big break with The Guardian, she worked under ABC, where she was a full-time correspondent for triple j Hack.

Tamsin Rose keeps her husband and boyfriend a secret

Tamsin Rose has never talked about the idea of ​​marriage or a partner as she keeps her romantic involvement out of people’s mouths.

Her job is her only focus, as she doesn’t even use Instagram to show off her daily life.

She knows better than anyone what it’s like to be harassed by the media, since she doesn’t want to expose her family to the same suffering.

Moreover, his private concerns should not be associated with his job because they are two independent elements of his life.

Even though she had someone special, it seems unlikely she’ll reveal the news anytime soon.

Tamsin Rose is an entrepreneur

In 2018, Tamsin Rose broke its normal editorial cycle and created Caster, an online marketplace connecting freelance Australian journalists with publishers.

Indeed, she had the help of her associates, Lucinda Browne and Adam Thomas, whom she met during her tenure at News Corp Australia.

They were looking for success when they partnered with Slingshot to establish a safer atmosphere for developing journalists in basements.

The venture lasted a year and six months before having to close the business.

Tamsin Rose has a crazy following on Twitter

NSW journalist Tamsin Rose has built a niche of seven thousand on her Twitter account @tamsinroses.

Since joining the platform in 2012, she has tweeted more than five thousand times as she updates her on current events.

Her hourly briefings are an unattainable task as she is always at work and rarely takes time to breathe.

Indeed, her work ethic makes her one of the most sought after journalists at work as she is truly one of a kind.

Tamsin Rose is fluent in Spanish and German

Political writer Tamsin Rose has beginner’s German credentials while advanced in Spanish.

Growing up in Australia, she had her secondary education at St Andrew’s Cathedral School, where she participated in extra-curricular activities like exchange programs. As a house captain, she entered several groups and became interested in foreign nations.

In 2015, she had completed with a Bachelor’s degree in Environment, Architecture from the University of Melbourne. Prior to receiving his graduate degree from RMIT University, worked part-time as an English teacher.

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