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Find Out Is Cherry Brooks Arrested Over The Murder Charges? Charged With Killing Antagonist In A Love Triangle


Nearly 20 years later, the Joannie Goodwin murder mystery is back in the news as the right keyword is searched for a lot. Because a lot of people are careful to find out everything they can about the main defaulter “Cherry Brooks”, who was involved in the exploit.

As soon as users show that they are interested in the case, there is a lot of research on the case. So you can find out everything you need to know below, including things that have been kept secret for a long time.

    Cherry Brooks arrested

Cherry Brooks arrested

According to information or sources not found elsewhere, Cherry Brook was taken into custody by the right people in 2018 after a lengthy investigation showed he was guilty. Through the investigation, it has become clear that she was the one who killed Joannie Goodwin’s younger brother 20 years ago while he was in prison. At first he tried to hide the evidence after committing the murder, but the police were able to see it all. They found the weapons and arrested him based on the evidence. But no one had even thought he had anything to do with the scheme.

In 1996, what happened to Joannie Goodwin?

Reports say that 20 years before her arrest, she killed a young woman named Joannie Goodwin. At the time of his death, the victim was only 18 years old. The case hadn’t been solved for about 20 years, and when the result came out, it shocked everyone. Because no one could have imagined that she would be the main suspect in the murder, especially since she walked around freely without feeling guilty. It was a huge shock for everyone. This is why so many people, especially those trying to get justice for him, spoke ill of him when he was arrested.

Cherry Brooks remains in jail in Colorado County, Texas. For the first degree murder, she was given $1 million bond and sent to Osage County. Even the shotgun she used to commit the crime was taken from her home by authorities. So we’ve listed here some information we’ve gotten from other important sources, and when we have something new, we’ll make sure you know about it. Stay tuned to us for more.

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James Barrow
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