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‘I haven’t watched Game of Thrones’: House of the Dragon writer Sara Hess confirming she’s never seen GoT has fans convinced the prequel series will be a disaster


The game of thrones prequel, Dragon House is a story that delves into the world of the Targaryens and family politics long before their overthrow. To a time before the intertwining epic and saga of the Lannisters, Starks and Targaryen. The soon-to-be hitting series will star Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen and Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen among other major ensemble cast members.

Dragon House
Dragon House

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game of thrones: A landmark in the history of television

The game of thrones the universe entertained its audience beyond quantifiable measures. The epic saga has intertwined its narrative as one that is not only revolutionary but radical in its cinematography and in the construction of characters and plots. The events that sparked the ultimate war between the Houses and ended in the confrontation with the White Walkers and their Night King will forever be etched in television history and will be revisited countless times due to its unfailing depth of a rich story and unyielding content.

Daenerys Targaryen and DrogonDaenerys Targaryen with Drogon in game of thrones

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For a show so richly woven and dense with all the flavors of epic fantasy available and more, it’s hard to live up to the expectations of the original with subsequent spinoffs. Although important in itself, the Dragon House The storyline is also key because it provides a well-established basis for the events that befell the Targaryens long before the Mad King was slain by Kingslayer Jaime Lannister.

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Dragon House The co-author talks about game of thrones

house of dragons materialized through the joint vision of writers, Sara Hess and Ryan Condal and one couldn’t have done it without the other. Both Hess and Condal are familiar with the works of George RR Martin, but with one crucial difference – while Ryan Condal is an avid fan and follower of all things. A song of ice and fire, Sara Hess knows the work only as a vague memory of a distant past. Having read the published work long ago, she remembers the broad brushstrokes that are important to the narrative, but not so much that her personal attachment or fandom to the source would ruin the production of the scripted show.

Sara Hess, co-writer and producer of House of the Dragons
Sara Hess, co-writer and producer of Dragon House

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As such, Sara Hess provides the perfect balance to Ryan Condal’s fanboy investment in the work. However, whatever the balance of their contribution, Hess’s work with the Dragon House is only essential because it’s a prequel spin-off to the original show, Game of thrones. But as the spinoff series’ co-writer and producer revealed, Hess never watched the TV adaptation of Martin’s work. This has led to worried speculation as to whether Hess is qualified enough to embody the essence of the parent series, but Hess believes otherwise: “I think that was actually a plus. […] I think I was able to get there with fresh eyes. She added,

“I’ve worked on so many different shows in the past that I’ve had a lot of fan engagement and some people have very strong opinions. At the end of the day, you hear what people are saying, but you can’t let others dictate how you tell the story.

So you have to like kind of appreciate it and embrace it and then not be swayed by it and love it and stay true to your vision and tell the story you need to tell and hope you do it the best you can can and hope people like it. If you think too much about its magnitude, you will panic.

Dragon House will air on HBO Max on August 22, 2022.

Source: IGN

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