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Who Is Joel Stock? Will Zalatoris Newest Caddie Coming Up Big In PGA Tour


Joel Stock is a caddy on the PGA Tour. When his friend and former University of Oregon varsity player Ben Crane asked him to fill in for two weeks, he officially began his career.

After their initial excursion, the two continued to operate together for Crane for over ten years, winning four races.

Joel worked for Kevin Tway in 2020 and Cameron Tringale for the entire 2021 season.

While changing caddy could impact his career, it looks like Will Zalatoris needed about a ride to earn Joel Stock’s trust.

Joel Stock

Joel Stock

Joel Stock: who is he?

Joel Stock began his career as a caddy on the PGA Tour in 2009. Joel played golf for four years before graduating from the University of Oregon in 1997.

He had a successful playing career, which he gave up to play in a band with his two older brothers.

The Stockbrothers toured the country for several years while releasing three records.

During the 2020 season, Joel Stock worked for Kevin Tway, and the entire 2021 season he worked for Cameron Tringale.

Joel also opened and ran his own coffee business, worked as a mortgage broker, and is currently a licensed real estate agent in Oregon.

With a new cadet, Will Zalatoris finds his rhythm. Billy Stock

Will Zalatoris and Joel Stock, two experienced loopers, took about a lap to build confidence on the course.

Throughout the FedEx Cup playoffs, which begin in Memphis and are the PGA Tour playoffs, Joel Stock will caddy for Zalatoris.

Will Zaatoris and Joel Stock played their official second round together, and during that round Joel Stock was allowed to read putts.

Zalatoris had two shots on Saturday, a 63 and a 65. Stock carries the bag for the first time since Zalatoris and his longtime caddy Ryan Goble parted ways midway through the Wyndham Championship last week.

Zalatoris is one of the most unstable putters on the tour within 10 feet, which is also widely known.

How much money does Joel Stock have?

A review of Joel Stock’s wealth is underway. A caddy’s pay rate and income, however, would depend on the level of competition and qualifications of the candidates, according to Rookieroad.

On the PGA Tour, caddies receive a weekly salary of between $1,000 and $3,000 plus a share of the golfer’s profits. One could therefore conclude that Joel Stock earns between $1,000 and $3,000 per week.

Caddies can also benefit from sponsorships. Although not on the same level as gamers, caddies can make money by donning a cap or wearing a brand emblem on their shirt sleeve, most often that of a club manufacturer or clothing company.

Any player/caddie deal will have certain conditions which may include a caddy receiving a larger weekly salary and a smaller portion of the prize money. Additionally, the cost of travel and accommodation is discussed, and some players even pay their caddy bill.

Who is Joel Stock’s wife?

Barbara Stock is Joel Stock’s wife. Emerson and Avery are the names of their two children, whom they have shared for more than ten years.

Barbara, Joel’s wife, is a teacher. Joel frequently posts photos of his wife and children on Instagram. He enjoys singing, hiking, golfing, working out and taking family trips.

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