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All Doctor Strange 2 worlds and universes listed


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022), for all its divisive reception from audiences and critics, opened countless multiverse doors in the MCU. The Sam Raimi the director’s film has become absolutely unique with its visual effects and style. The movie played Benedict Cumberbatch (as Doctor Strange), Elizabeth Olsen (as Wanda Maximoff), Benoit Wong (like Wong), and Xochitl Gomez (as America Chavez) among several other cast members.

It was established in the film that the first Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) occurs on Earth-616. Publish the events of Wanda Vision, Wanda is on a quest to locate her children across the multiverse, who died in her own universe. As America Chavez had a unique power to travel between multiple universes, Strange had to protect her from Wanda aka Scarlet Witch.

In a span of just two hours and six minutes, there just wasn’t enough time to explore many other worlds outside of the two that featured the most. The two universes which are widely developed are – Earth-616 (the main MCU) and Earth-838 (the one with the Illuminati). Also presented is the Sinister Strange Incursion Universe at the end where Strange goes to get a copy of the Book of Vishanti.

However, in a sequence where Wanda throws Chavez and Doctor Strange through multiverse portals, quick glimpses of multiple universes can be seen. In an interview with before after, the film’s visual effects supervisor, Alexis Wajsbrot, explained more than a dozen realities that appeared in this sequence. Let’s look at them one by one in the order they appeared in this sequence.

1. The World of Living Tribunal Statues

The World of Living Tribunal Statues

This is the first world the pair jump into. It featured huge heads reminiscent of living courts. It is unknown if these are simply conduits for the Living Tribunal or the entity itself. He is also featured in Marvel Comics.

2. The world of alien tentacles

The world of alien tentacles

This second world looked like a glowing alien with giant tentacles around the pair as they jumped through it.

3. Assault Canyon World

Assault Canyon World

This next world featured a world made up of geographic structures similar to the Grand Canyon. It was the artist’s tribute to James Franco 127 hours.

4. The Mirror World

The mirror world

This world featured a number of pointed structures made entirely of glass as the pair fell through them.

5. The Honeycomb World

The honeycomb world

Next, Amaerica Chavez and Doctor Strange travel through a world made entirely of honeycombs and giant bees. The buzzing of bees can be heard in the background.

6. The Underwater World

The underwater world

From the honeycomb world, Chavez and Strange fall into an entirely underwater world. By swallowing them, they continue to fall.

7. The Alt-New York World

The Alt-New York World

The pair then hop onto another New York street. With them, some fish also find their way into this world.

8. The World of Blowjobs

The world of blowjobs

With a sigh pushed out by Chavez, the pair then jump into a world that appears to be made of pipes and Stark’s drones fly around them.

9. The Skeleton or the Underworld

The Skeleton or the Underworld

With the sound of a gong, the falling pair then stumble into a world made entirely of fire, skeletons, and dead creatures. It could be the MCU’s version of the world ruled by Mephisto like in the comics.

10. The Savage Country

the wild land

Next, Strange and Chavez cross into the Savage Land. It featured a jungle setting in which a T-Rex battled with a Triceratops. He paid homage to Marvel Comics’ Savage Land.

11. The World of Comics

The world of comics

Intended as a nod to Marvel comics as a whole, this next world changed Strange and Chavez to their comic book appearances as they traveled through New York.

12. The post-apocalyptic world

The post-apocalyptic world

Then, the couple find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world. He showed what would have happened in The Avengers if the team “lost and…New York (had) been completely crushed”.

13. Cube World

The world of cubes

In this world, almost everything was made entirely of tiny cubes. Even the screaming faces of Strange and Chavez shattered into several small cubes. It was a tribute to the very famous original comic book cover of House of M

14. The world of painting

The world of painting

The other world was just made up of several color paints. Doctor Strange and Chavez are also converted into falling goos of yellow, blue, green, and purple. Chavez had previously referred to the world as saying, “you don’t want to get stuck in there.”

15. Hydra World

The world of hydra

What would have happened if Hydra had conquered the world in the 1930s? This next world featured this alternate reality. It even included an airship with the Hydra logo at the end of it that featured in the IMAX version of the film.

After that, Doctor Strange and America Chavez fall into four more worlds. These are:- The World of Stairs, The Mechanized World, The Futuristic World, and The world of fire. However, they appear quickly for a split second before moving on to the next one. And finally, they both fall to Earth-838, with Strange asking Chavez, “Are you okay?”

Seeing how the visuals of each world fit together created an incredible sequence of events, even if it’s only a minute long. It’s unclear and somewhat unlikely that MCU will revisit any of these universes in the future. It also showed off the real power and abilities of America Chavez, who will surely be back in action alongside other Avengers and Young Avengers.

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