CelebrityGianluca Conte, a former football player who is now...

Gianluca Conte, a former football player who is now an assistant manager and analyst, is Antonio Conte’s brother.


Gianluca Conte, a former footballer turned assistant coach and analyst, is the brother of Antonio Conte.

Antonio Conte, the head coach of Tottenham Hotspur, is the younger brother of assistant director of Italian football Gianluca Conte.

The brother who is three years older has made a significant impression on the football pitch managing Chelsea, Juventus, Siena and Arezzo, among other teams.

He has already won the Premier League championship, after all, and athletes are competing to play for him.

In one such case, Destiny Udogie, a 19-year-old Nigerian soccer player, admitted he thought he could improve with Antonio.

Antonio Conte's brother

Antonio Conte’s brother

Is Antonio Conte’s brother Gianluca Conte? What is their age difference?

Antonio Conte, 50, an Italian professional football coach, has a brother named Gianluca. The former Tottenham Hotspur manager was born on July 31, 1969 and is 53 years old, so there is a three-year age difference between them.

Birthday May 28, 1972
Age 50 years

They grew up in Lecce, Italy, where their favorite pastime was kicking a ball. After their football coach father, Cosimino Conte, encouraged them, their innate love of the sport grew stronger.

Ada Briamo, the mother, was a good person who decided to raise her three sons, Antonio, Gianluca and Daniele, as a full-time housewife.

As they were forced to adapt to their environment and lacked the resources to enroll in an academy, their parents’ harsh regulations were unbreakable.

They finally turned the streets into their field, laughing for days as they drew a field on the asphalt using the white chalk line.

Gianluca Conte, a former player turned assistant coach

Gianluca Conte, an Italian technical and analytical coach, made his debut playing for US Lecce youth team.

His early scouts expected a lot of him, which saw him appear in nine games in their inaugural season. He was fired from the team because his trait failed to meet expectations, prompting him to enroll at the University of Foggia for a degree in sports science.

His time as a defender was cut short when he succeeded his brother as manager.

He finally found his form in 2007 when he spent two years helping Antonio for Siena. Before regaining his leadership, he emerged from his shadow to win three consecutive Serie A championships.

Are Antonio and Gianluca Conte collaborating?

It is an honor for Gianluca Conte to be part of his older brother Antonio Conte’s inner circle. The best athletes on the circuit, including Cristian Stellini, Paolo Vanoli, Tiberio Ancora, Constantino Coratti and many others, make up the elite group.

They share unfathomable communication strategies and have worked together for 13 years. They both adore him.

Due to his older brother’s enthusiasm and commitment, he acts like a caged animal let loose on the ground. His quest for excellence sets him apart and earns him the highest esteem in the club.

As a manager, his wife Elisabetta also contributes significantly, and the two worked together before their marriage in 2003.

Their support goes beyond the technical; they supported him when he was accused of match-fixing.

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