New Prey Behind The Scenes video gives a super vicious, up-close and personal look at the iconic Predator design

Prey is a 2022 American sci-fi horror action film based on the Predator franchise. The restart of the Predator The franchise turned out better than most people expected. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison, the film was released on August 5, 2022. The story revolves around Naru, a skilled Comanche warrior, who protects her tribe from a humanoid alien who hunts humans for sport.

how prey breathed new life into the predator franchise
Prey (2022)

A new behind-the-scenes video has emerged from the sets of Prey revealing a personal, up-close look at the iconic Predator design.

Predator’s practical look is more terrifying


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In our age of VFX and CGI, some artists like to do it the old-fashioned way and predator of prey the design was practical. Not just the practical suit, but even the Predator’s expression and the mask have so much movement that, at first glance, seems like VFX work, but it’s not.

The recent behind-the-scenes video from the filming of Prey revealed a closer look at the Predator and it looks terrifying.

Some fans after seeing the video said the look itself was so amazing that there would have been no use of CGI. That the practicality is superior and the artists did a great job.

All congratulate the artists for their hard work. Prey overall it has the best predator look which is carefully thought out.

Prey’s Predator look was designed to look more wild and animalistic

Prey was something new and unique to the Predator franchise. The plot and the characters were completely different from the previous ones Predator movies. The Predator’s design went through many processes to achieve its final form that would match the film’s setting.

Hulu's Prey as Predator Prequel Title
Prey’s Predator was designed to look fiercer

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The film’s director, Dan Trachtenberg, said he wanted to make the predator much wilder and animalistic to fit the overall setting.

“I really wanted to make this version of the Predator so much wilder, fiercer and animalistic, from its movements to its silhouette and its design”,

Tom Woodruff Jr., the creature designer and puppeteer, spoke about the complicated process of delivering the most acclaimed creature designs in the world. Predator franchise has never seen. He said they wanted it to be primitive and different from previous designs.

“Some of our early conversations with Dan were about making this Predator super thin with some sort of weird camouflage and different from the reptilian thing we’ve seen before.”

“When we started working on the instruments for the Predator, we had designs that felt a bit more handcrafted. The idea was that the Predator also had primitive weapons that evolved.

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Concept artist and creature designer Michael Vincent talked about the physiological changes he’s made to The prey Predator design.

“Adapted to a drier climate…finer, waxier dreads, thicker oral tissues and more flaky skin for moisture retention, promotes crushing bite for a different diet…”

Prey is available to stream exclusively on Hulu.

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