The untold truth about Tommy Chong’s ex-wife


It’s hard to hide from the spotlight once you’ve married a superstar. It happened to journalist Maxine Sneed, who rose to national stardom after marrying Tommy Chong. Where is Maxine from and is Rae Dawn Chong’s mother?

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Early life and education

Maxine Sneed was born in Canada most likely in the early 1940s, but the exact day and year of her birth are not known, with some sources stating September 23.

Not much is disclosed about his childhood, meaning there is no information about his parents, siblings, or upbringing. However, she is known to be of African American, Cherokee, and Canadian descent. She holds Canadian and American citizenship.


For a time, Sneed worked for “Black Radio Magazine” as an editor. It has published readership and produced quality content for the public. The exact time of his affiliation with the magazine is not known.

She has also worked as a proofreader for major corporate houses. Other than that, not much is known about his professional endeavors.

Marriage to Tommy Chong

Sneed met the famous Canadian-American cannabis rights activist and entertainment personality, Tommy Chong, sometime in the 1950s, and the couple married in 1960. They welcomed their first daughter, Rae Dawn Chong, on 28 February 1961, in Alberta, Canada, and their second daughter, Robbi Chong, was born four years later, in 1965.

The two divorced in 1970, reportedly over Chong’s alleged infidelity with American actress, comedian and producer Shelby Fiddis, who was the couple’s neighbor at the time.

After the divorce, Chong married Fiddis, in a wedding in Los Angeles, California, United States, in 1975. The couple have three children, a daughter named Precious Chong and two sons, Gilbran Chong and Paris Chong. Tommy also has an adopted son, Marcus Chong. It is unclear whether or not Sneed remarried, as she disappeared from the public eye after the divorce.

Chong is well known for his comedic films and albums that promote marijuana use. He suffered from cancer twice, but that didn’t stop his cannabis use. In fact, he claimed that marijuana helped him heal. His native Canada legalized the use of marijuana on October 18, 2018, and he was among the biggest supporters of the move. In April 2020, he is often seen posting photos of cannabis on his social media accounts, including on Twitterwhich has nearly 500,000 subscribers.

Parenting controversies

Some time after the birth of their first daughter, rumors began that Sneed was not Rae Dawn Chong’s biological mother.

Rae Dawn Chong

In fact, Tommy Chong himself later revealed that he had an affair with a woman called Abigail Toulson early in his relationship with Sneed, and that Rae Dawn is, in fact, Toulson’s daughter.

Toulson, who was a minor at the time of the case, brought the daughter to Chong and Sneed’s wedding so that Chong could meet his daughter. This led to the long custody battle, and in the end Rae was taken away from Toulson. This is how Chong and Sneed became the legal guardians of the girl born out of wedlock. Rae herself didn’t know anything about her biological mother until she was 12 years old.

This revelation was falsely believed by many to be the cause of the end of Chong and Sneed’s marriage.

Asked about her parents, Rae Dawn said she had two mothers and didn’t like to talk about them: “Because what if I say something about one mother and I don’t say anything about another mother? two are very responsible for who i am.

Private life

Sneed is not active on any social network and does not have a profile on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She has avoided any interaction with the media since her divorce.

His daughter, Rae Dawn Chong, is a former actress, famous for her roles in feature films such as ‘Beat Street’, ‘Quest for Fire’, ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘Time Runner’.

She has a son named Morgan with her former husband, stockbroker Owen Bayliss. She married twice more, to actor C. Thomas Howell who she starred with in ‘Soul Man’, and to one of the founders of Xootr, Nathan Ulrich, but divorced for undisclosed reasons. .

Her youngest daughter, Robbi Chong, is a former model and actress. She has acted in several feature films such as “Shelter”, “Far Out Man”, “Jimmy Hollywood”, as well as the comedy written by her father and his friend and colleague, Richard Cheech Marin, entitled “Cheech and Chong’s The Brothers Corsicans »

Net value

Sneed has kept his salary private and has never spoken about his earnings, so his net worth is only estimated to be under $1 million, as of early 2020. However, his former spouse, Tommy Chong, has a Net worth estimated at around $8 million which he has earned during his acting career. His daughter Rae Dawn Chong has also earned a small fortune as her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

Physical characteristics

As Sneed was rarely seen in public, there is no known or even estimated information about her height and weight. However, she had a deep complexion, with black, curly hair and dark brown eyes.

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