EntertainmentTop 6 Most Powerful And Interesting Venom Symbiote Hosts

Top 6 Most Powerful And Interesting Venom Symbiote Hosts


The Venom Symbiote is nothing if not complicated. He was born in a cave in Klyntar and has come a long way since. He had several guests. He was both hero and villain. He felt emotions ranging from guilt, fear and agony to betrayal and mistrust. Let’s move on to our top 6 most powerful and interesting Venom hosts.

6. Peter Parker

spider venom

Credit where credit is due. Spider Man was the first to encounter the symbiote and bring it to Earth. Without him, the Venom we know today and the rivalry between them would not exist. Initially, Peter Parker was unaware of Venom’s existence. It was only with the help of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic that he discovered the symbiote. They removed it by exploiting Venom’s weakness to sounds.

Now the reason Spidey isn’t higher on this list is because he never really bonded and became one with Venom. In fact, Venom is what it is today because of Spider-Man’s rejection.

5. Deadpool

Deadpool Venom

Deadpool’s Secret Wars miniseries added a few twists to the storyline. It was revealed that it was Deadpool who had the first related to Venom and possibly even turned Venom into a crazed, aggressive parasite. Plus, given their great comedy and banter, we really couldn’t leave this pair off the list.

4. Lee Prize

the price

This combination is even more interesting than the previous ones due to the character of Lee Price. He’s a decorated army ranger who’s as ruthless and calculating as can be. Influenced by his tragic past, his mission was to rule the underworld with an iron fist. This host turns the tables on Venom. Lee Price is more of a monster than Venom himself. He forces Venom to dive deep into a life of crime. This is after Venom attempted to turn over a new leaf. It holds Venom captive and silences it completely. This makes him one of Venom’s most terrifying hosts.

3. Mac Gargan

Mac Gargan

Mac Gargan earns a place above Lee Price due to the quality of his bond with the symbiote. He also defeats the others due to his long and successful stint with Venom. Although he ended up not being much of a threat to Spiderman, he earns his place due to their time together. Thus, he established himself as a more than competent host.

2. Eddie Brock

Eddie Brock’s Symbiote

Obviously, Eddie Brock, arguably Venom’s most famous and definitive host, had to be in our top 2. He’s been Venom’s longest-serving host. Plus, he’s one of the toughest enemies our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has ever had to face. His sheer hatred of Spider-Man made their rivalry as iconic as it is today. The bond between Eddie and Venom is unlike any other. This is clear when they refer to themselves as “we”.

Before moving on to the strongest and most iconic host, we have a few special mentions. Frank Castle, after bonding with venom, became an even more ruthless killer and practically bit people off the head. Imagine an already unstable man with multiple personalities. Now imagine what this man would become if you added Venom to the mix. That’s what we got when Venom bonded with Norman Osborn, aka Green Goblin. Last but not least, there’s Ms. Marvel who fought Spider-Man while bonded with Venom

1. Flash Thompson

Agent Flash Thompson’s Venom

Flash Thompson’s bond with the symbiote might be the best thing that ever happened to Venom. The character development that Venom underwent with Thompson was more than that with even Eddie Brock.

Flash Thompson, after losing both of his legs during the Iraq War, was selected to be Venom’s next host, thus saving their lives in a way. Together they became Agent Venom. They developed trust and eventually referred to each other as partners. They fit together almost like two pieces of a puzzle.

It was our list. What about yours?

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