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When Is The House MD Actor Kal Penn Getting Married? Wedding Plans With Partner Josh


Kal Penn is a well known American actor, author, university lecturer and former member of the White House, also known as Kalpen Suresh Modi.

As a member of Barack Obama’s administration, he worked in the White House when Obama was president. He was an actor and in the television show Houses he played the role of Lawrence Kutner.

He also played White House employee Seth Wright in the Harold & Kumar film series, made by the same people who made Designated Survivor. People also know him for his role in the movie The Namesake.

Penn is a visiting lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. He taught a course on the film studies program. He chose to speak on “How Asian Americans Are Portrayed in the Media” as the talk topic. In 2014, he was also working on a graduate certificate in international security at Stanford University.

In 2007 and 2008, Kal worked as an advocate for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. After that, he joined Obama’s National Art Policy. In 2009, he accepted a position as associate director of the White House office.

Kal Penn

Kal Penn

Who is Kal Penn’s husband and is he married to Josh?

In October 2021, Kal Penn came out as gay and announced to the world that he was getting married to longtime boyfriend Josh Marlar.

In an interview, Penn opened up about his sexuality and said that compared to other people, he discovered it later in life. Also, he thought there would be nothing about the weather about it, and he’s glad there is.

Josh was born in the United States and is a Christian. He graduated from a well-known American university and now works as a business owner.

Penn wrote in the book You Can’t Be Serious that he wanted to make this relationship public before, but he couldn’t because Josh and a member of Penn’s family didn’t want the attention and stayed away. away from the spotlights.

Kal and Josh seem happy together, and their eleven-year relationship has made them stronger and more attractive. When Kal and Josh talked about their first date, Josh brought a Coors Light 18-pack and turned on the TV for a NASCAR race, Kal said.

Why did Kal Penn stop working at House?

In 2009, when Kal Penn was offered the position of associate director, he broke his contract with House MD and quit.

During the 2007 Democratic primaries, a friend of his asked him to go to a Barack Obama event because he was in a movie with him. Even though Kal didn’t want to get involved in politics, he went to this event.

After going to this event, he also liked the campaign and joined it. After Barack Obama’s victory, he had the chance to work at the White House. He couldn’t say no to Mr. President, so he left the House MD and got into politics.

Penn broke the contract for House MD, so he had to tell the showrunners the hard way. He also said in one of the interviews that he and the show’s producer, David, talked about the problem for a long time, but in the end, they were able to solve it with the help of God.

Has Kal Penn ever had a wife? The love life of an openly gay actor

Kal Penn is well known for his movies, but he has no girlfriend or wife.

Fans loved the chemistry between Kal and Miranda in the 2015 film The Girl in the Photograph, but she wasn’t his girlfriend in real life. Even though their movie romance was a success, in real life they are just good friends.

Even though Mayo and Penn posted the photos on social media, the rumors about their relationship never seemed to be true. So they never got close enough to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

In 2016, a few photos of Penn and Italia Ricci were seen on Penn’s Instagram. There were also dating rumors based on this photo. But the ABC network’s designated supervisor and Kal were just acting to make people laugh.

They only knew each other because they worked together and were good friends. Thus, the rumors that they were dating were dispelled and no further claims were made against them. So Penn isn’t married to anyone, and he’s not even engaged to her longtime boyfriend Josh.

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