CelebrityBefore attempting to kill his fiancée, Sam Shelton and...

Before attempting to kill his fiancée, Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves made plans for their wedding.


Before attempting to kill his fiancée, Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves made plans for their wedding.

A teenage girl was attempted to be strangled by Sam Shelton, who then dumped her and said he had made a mistake. However, a jury did not find him credible. The couple were about to get married.

Ashley Reeves, 17, who was attacked by Shelton, 26, in April 2006, is featured as an actual incident in the current Lifetime movie “Left For Dead.” Reeves was found in a densely wooded park more than 30 hours after Shelton tried to strangle her with a belt and broke her neck with her forearm, according to a CBS News report at the time.

Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves

Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves

Plans for the wedding of Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves

Given their age difference, Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves’ engagement surprised everyone in the area. Unfortunately, since the latter disappeared, this has never been feasible in reality.

Shelton allegedly attempted to murder Ashley Reeves in 2006. She endured the brutal murder attempt despite spending 30 hours in freezing weather.

Shelton, the governing body instructor, lured the woman into a committed sexual relationship. At the time of the attack, she finally located him and informed him that their toxic relationship had to end.

He strangled the woman again until she finally broke, thinking she had given up. He then abandoned the woman for dead in the insane. She had been abandoned in the woods for 30 hours and suffered terrible injuries.

The woman was taken to hospital despite police initially believing she had fled when they found her, despite the fact that she had moved on.

What happened to Sam Shelton?

Sam Shelton was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. He was initially held as a young suspect, but after realizing he was the most trustworthy person to speak with Reeves, detectives released him.

When asked to wait 12 hours, he revised their explanation several times before giving up. He finally admitted that he made reference to Ashley and insulted her.

He led the officers to where he had left the woman despite forgetting the exact location. Fortunately, the police found the woman and took her to the hospital. They had been apprehended and Reeves found.

He was placed under house arrest for a year with the option of posting bail while preparing for the test. Throughout the year, Sam made only one attempt to end his life. In 2007, he consented to a plea deal.

Sam Shelton: Teacher or not?

Sam Shelton worked as a teacher. Sam, who was a professional wrestler and gym trainer, used to tutor Ashley when she was in seventh grade. Two months after his disappearance, in February 2006, the two reconnected, according to insiders.

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