Was Laura Mcculloch, who was missing, found? actor’s partner out on a date in Los Angeles

Has Laura Mcculloch, who had disappeared, been found? the actor’s partner has a date in Los Angeles

Since Friday August 12, 2022, Australian actress Laura McCulloch has been missing. His whereabouts are the subject of urgent research.

The Black Sheep Evelyn and The Nutcracker Arabian Dancer are two films the Victorian actress is known for. Since 2021, she resides in the United States.

Laura McCulloch

Laura McCulloch

Has Laura Mcculloch, who had disappeared, been found? Disappearance of the actress in LA after a tryst

There’s a frantic search going on for Laura McCulloch. In Los Angeles, she had been missing for about a week.

McCulloch was last seen on an agreed date online. On the day of her disappearance, she had accessed her “Bumble or Tinder” account.

The Victorian actress was last seen leaving a Japanese restaurant. After arranging her meeting with a stranger, she had already met someone.

Laura neglected to return her calls and missed her yoga classes. She consistently demonstrated a dedication to fitness, but when she stopped answering calls and messages, a close friend began a desperate search.

The actress reportedly deleted her dating app before police began their investigation.

She was initially not a missing person, according to the LAPD. However, since Tuesday August 16, 2022, they have been worried about his disappearance. To find her, the police launched an immediate search.

Who was actress Laura Mcculloch’s boyfriend on the LA date?

On a dating app, Laura Mcculloch had found her new partner. For her date, she went to the restaurant in Santa Monica.

The restaurant owners refused to provide customers with access to their security footage because there was no police report. As the case has now been filed, images will soon show the date unknown.

Mcculloch, who had worked in New York since 2021, had just moved to Los Angeles. She sang and produced in addition to acting.

In 2022, she made an appearance in the independent short film “Covid Support Group”. While at Bob Jones University in California, the actress starred in A Tale of Two Cities the previous year.

Before that, she starred in the 2010 Australian film The Black Sheep and the 2009 ballet film The Nutcracker.

Family members have launched a GoFundMe for the search for Laura McCulloch

Laura Mcculloch’s family members are concerned about her absence. To generate money for his research, they created a GoFundMe page.

Police initially refused to register his case, according to Clare McCulloch, McCulloch’s sister. The restaurant allegedly resisted releasing the video footage without a police report, according to the frightened sister. As a result, she made the decision to start a GoFundMe to fund a private detective.

In a heartbroken Facebook post, Laura’s family described her actions as ‘very out of character’. They revealed the final image of the actress before she disappeared. She was last heard from just before embarking on a Bumble or Tinder encounter, they reported.

Laura was characterized by her family as a lively and effervescent person. She dressed for her date in a red skirt, blue top and beige shoes.

Mcculloch’s GoFundMe page had received $835 as of Tuesday night. The goal is to raise at least $5,000.

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