5 Horror B-Shows So Bad They’re Good

More than any other genre perhaps, horror has its surplus of absolutely terrible movies. In rare cases, they get to the point where they’re so bad they’re actually good, hence the five horror movies so bad they’re good. Whether it’s poor acting, less than stellar storylines, or regularly bad effects, they tend to become cult and watched. because They are bad…

5. The Toxic Avenger (1984)

Horror B-Movies
The Toxic Avenger (1984)

The first entry in five B-movie horror movies so bad they’re good, it’s directed by Michael Herz and produced by “Troma’s daddy” Lloyd Kaufmann, the film follows a bullied social outcast who sadly falls into a tank of poisonous acid. Rather than die, he becomes a mutated, deformed, stronger, and for some reason larger version of himself. The town continues to bully and outright try to kill the now monstrous boy with interesting results.

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4. Thanks (2009)

B-Horror Movies
Thanks (2009)

Made by a group of students in their spare time, this film is as bad as it is funny. Telling the story of a cursed turkey who returns every Thanksgiving to murder unsuspecting victims. Nerdy jokes, an overly sexual turkey and some fantastic puns included, it’s worth seeing for yourself how terrible it is.

3. Braindead aka Dead Alive (1992)

B-Horror Movies
Braindead aka Dead Alive (1992)

Directed by Peter Jackson before finally landing the Lord of the Rings movies he’s most famous for, Braindead is considerably lower in quality and certainly lower in stakes. Following a man with a troubled relationship with his mother, it includes literal gallons of blood, the intuitive use of a lawn mower, and hybrid zombie animals.

2. Sharknado

B-Horror Movies So Bad They're Good

Probably the most infamous entry in this list of five horror movies so bad they’re good, Sharknado has spawned several sequels, all in one way or another upping the ante and incredibility of the latest. . It’s exactly what it sounds like, a tornado that carries many different sharks, ready to land and eat the poor people of a beach town.

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1. Poultrygeist

B-Horror Movies So Bad They're Good

Another poultry-themed b-movie, and another produced by Lloyd Kaufman. This one again focuses on a killer bird, or birds in this case, as they make their way through a chicken restaurant that’s been built on an Indian graveyard. It really is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Honorable mentions

I can’t make this list of b-horror movies so bad they’re good without mentioning two movies. Although they did not make the top five, the two Nazis at the Center of the Earth and Cockneys vs. Zombies are two entries that were not far. Both are exactly what they sound like, the first is about Hitler still alive trying to return to power, ending with his disembodied head in a robot costume. and the latter is the story of a group of bank robbers helping a group of old people escape from their nursing home and trying to get them to safety.

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