5 horror comedies that will make you laugh and cry

Two genres that go together like peanut butter and jelly, horror comedies have become a staple for any movie buff who wants to be a little scared, but also have a good time with it. That said, here are five horror comedies that will make you laugh and cry…

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

five horror comedies that will make you laugh and cry

Featuring the staples of any good horror movie when it comes to gore, guts, scares, and nudity, Tucker and Dale vs Evil adds the comedic elements of a hilarious misunderstanding, the witty banter between its two stars, and a runtime that feels short enough to leave you wanting more. Deciding to take a vacation to unwind and disconnect from their lives, the two hillbilly-looking characters are mistaken for chainsaw-wielding serial killers by a group of college students, and things only get worse… from there. Definitely one of the horror comedies that will make you laugh and cry.

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Willy’s Wonderland

five horror comedies that will make you laugh and cry

One of the newest movies in Nicolas Cage’s filmography, it’s both a standalone and part of his Hollywood revival, rather than one of his straight-to-DVD paychecks from years past. A horror-comedy with the main character not speaking a single word of dialogue sounds like a tall order, but it works. With Cage’s typically goofy and over-the-top performances in full swing here, we see exactly what happens when a badass Cage is used as a sacrifice to some animatronic creatures haunted by serial killers.


five horror comedies that will make you laugh and cry

While the sequel didn’t quite live up to the quality of its predecessor, the original zombieland is more than an enjoyable adventure in the horror-comedy genre, with its fair share of zombies splattered throughout. Following Jesse Eisenberg as he crosses the United States in an effort to reunite with his parents, he recounts and recounts to the audience his rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse, usually highlighted by a scream from him as another zombie tries to eat it. .

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five horror comedies that will make you laugh and cry

Perhaps the most harrowing and disturbing of the movies listed here, this one definitely leans more towards the horror than the comedic side of things. The premise itself is so bad it’s funny, but the execution and implications of the last scene are more than a little scary to think about. Following protagonist Justin Long as he travels to interview a viral Youtuber, only to end up at an old man’s house in hopes of saving his trip and having some interesting stories to tell. Safe to say, this is one of the horror comedies that will have you laughing and crying.

evil death 2

Much more slapstick and full of famous lines than the original, evil death 2 raises the stakes over the first with an increased budget, better story, and equally scary monsters. The second of three films from the evil Dead franchise, by watching this you’ll be treated to another movie with Ash Williams fighting his way through hordes of monsters in a cabin in the woods.

There are more than a few decent horror comedies, and there are even more absolutely terrible ones, but what would you add to this list of horror comedies that will make you laugh and cry?

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