Bruce explains his Hulk triggers to his cousin, Jen Walter, in the middle of training

She-Hulk Episode 1 showed how Bruce Banner takes responsibility for training his cousin to be a better Hulk. We all know what Bruce went through on his quest to be a superhero.

He was once the beacon of destruction and was called a monster. He doesn’t want that for his cousin. So, the training began by helping Jen fight the Hulk’s triggers.

Jennifer Walters became the Hulk in an obstacle course

She-Hulk training

We saw Bruce tie Jen up in a closed transparent cage where she wore a tracker helmet, for Bruce to collect data. Following this, he turned on the machine with saw blades approaching Jen inside the closed cage.

Even though Jen was constantly scared of death inside that cage, Bruce didn’t stop because he believed she would definitely turn into a green monster. Jen finally turned green and smashed the machine to pieces and slammed the door.

She yelled at the Smart Hulk and that was the moment we all felt Hulk’s rage. Bruce was trying to calm She-Hulk down from Jen because he thought she was the monster he was at first.

But ultimately, Jennifer shared the same consciousness with the Hulk, and there was no alter-ego taking over her body. Bruce was shocked to see this, Jen was able to control her powers early on and expressed jealousy.

Jen continues to mock Bruce for being better than him at all of this. And that fight continued throughout the episode. We’re clear that Bruce is training her with a clear mind and positive thinking to make her a superhero and not lead her to become a monster.

Rabies control training continues with DBT

Hulk Meditation

Dialectical behavior therapy is what Bruce suggested to Jen to calm her rage and avoid being Hulk in situations where she really needs to control her anger. We had a serious discussion tone for a while here when Bruce said, “Forget Hulk’s rage! Even habitual anger or fear can put you in a position where you knowingly or unknowingly hurt people around you.

But, to everyone’s surprise, Jen very easily turned into the Hulk and back without much support from Bruce. She believed she was ready and wanted to leave. And then we saw a big brother-sister fight, a la Hulk.

We want to see more sparring sessions between Hulk and She-Hulk. That’s because, somehow, we love the Hulk for his efforts to manage his anger and control his alter-ego. And since Jen makes it so easy, some fans might lose the impression of what the Hulk should be.

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