Days after her ex Anne Heche’s passing, Ellen DeGeneres celebrates 14 years of marriage with Portia de Rossi.

A few days after the death of her ex Anne Heche, Ellen DeGeneres celebrates 14 years of marriage with Portia de Rossi.

Los Angeles, California: On August 16, TV personality Ellen DeGeneres, 64, and wife Portia de Rossi, 49, celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. In 2008, Ellen married the actress in California, and on Tuesday she left the actress a message on Instagram. She posted a compilation video of adorable and humorous exchanges between Portia from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and herself.

“It’s good to be loved. It is profound to be understood. I love you, @portiaderossi. Happy 14! ❤️,” she captioned the video, which now has over 89,000 likes. The video showed the couple battling to pick up apples in a game program, exuding a strong sense of love. Portia was once referred to by the comedian as her “rock”.

Partner of Ellen DeGeneres

Partner of Ellen DeGeneres

Following a tragic car accident in Mar Vista, Calif., in which she crashed into a residence, Ellen’s ex-girlfriend Anne Heche died after being taken off life support a few days ahead of the TV host and Portia’s birthday.

In 2020, after former employees of Ellen’s TV show accused producers of creating a hostile work environment, Ellen thanked her wife for urging her to continue. “I couldn’t have endured anything I did without her, and it broke my heart. She was a rock throughout this difficult time in my life. She encouraged me and made an effort to help me see things in perspective,” Ellen said. They now know how to put themselves at ease because of their growing intimacy. “We have matured as a couple together, and we really appreciate and prioritize our union. You become much stronger by doing this. I can’t imagine being around anyone other than her,” Portia explained. Ellen responded by saying, “We finish each other’s sentences – no, sandwiches – at the same time we think and say the same things. We are in a smooth flow right now.

Following Anne’s death, Ellen posted a message of sympathy on her Instagram Story. He said, “It’s a depressing day. All my love goes out to Anne’s children, family and friends. From 1997 to 2000, Anne and Ellen dated. Heche’s biography would cost around $750 after his tragic death.

After his death at the age of 53, the 2001 book “Call Me Crazy”, written by the late celebrity, saw a rapid rise in popularity among friends and admirers. The book, which originally cost $26 and was published by Scribner over 21 years ago, is currently being sold on Amazon as a collectible, according to Entertainment Tonight. Depending on the retailer, the book can be purchased between $739 and $949.

She described the book she was planning as being the complete opposite of ‘Call Me Crazy’ and would have chronicled her life’s journey as she survived abuse and trauma in her youth while advising others on how to handle circumstances in their own way. “It’s the practice of how to overcome abuse and how to begin the process of living in love with yourself that engages with others and living in love with compassion so that you can present yourself fully to others,” Anne said. .

The podcast was recorded in January, but it wasn’t released until August 14, two days after his death. According to California law, the actress was considered clinically dead after suffering severe neurological damage, but her family decided to delay stopping her ventilator until organ donors were notified.

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