Elvis biographer claims legendary singer was destined to die early due to family history of INCEST!

Elvis Presley was one of the finest performers to ever pick up a microphone, and his untimely passing saddened his devoted fans. According to Sally Hoedel’s account of the rock and roll legend, the crooner was supposed to die young. The untimely demise of the singer, according to the biographer, was inevitable.

According to Sally Hoedel’s book on Elvis Presley, the singer’s death was caused by genetic defects caused by incest in his family line. His maternal grandparents, who married despite being first cousins, are accused of passing on the faulty DNA, according to the book. At the age of 42, Elvis died of a heart attack. On the bathroom floor of his Graceland mansion, the ‘Jailhouse Rock’ star was found unconscious.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Was Elvis Presley destined to die young?

Sally Hoedel has revealed alarming news to The Sun, claiming the singer’s faulty genes were a major cause of his multiple health issues, which he later managed with a mix of prescription drugs. Elvis’ mother, Gladys, died at the age of 46 and had three brothers who also died at similar ages of heart and lung problems, according to Hoedel, who continued: “This marriage between first cousins certainly presents a lot of problems. ”

Hoedel continued, “There’s so much going on in this family tree that it stops being a coincidence the moment it gets to Elvis.”

According to Sally Hoedel, Elvis’ mother, who died almost 19 years to the day before her son, has plenty of information about how he died. In her forties, the health of the singer’s mother gradually deteriorated. She apparently became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and left on August 14, 1958 as an alcoholic. Hoedel remarked that Gladys “was always presented as this mother whose son became famous, bought him a big mansion and she just struggled to cope with it all and basically died of a broken heart” .

But that’s not how it works, she continues. Before he joined the army, I believe that Elvis and Vernon [Elvis’ father] were aware of his condition. Hoedel claims the genetic condition Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, which damages the liver and lungs and causes other health problems, was primarily responsible for the death of Elvis’ mother.

Elvis’ maternal grandparents also suffered from faulty genetic diseases

Sally Hoedel has claimed that Doll Mansell, Elvis’ maternal grandmother, may have been misdiagnosed with tuberculosis and that she herself may have been affected by a genetic defect which could have been passed on and made worse by his marriage to his first cousin.

This book illustrates how this tuberculosis was most definitely misdiagnosed in the early 1900s, Hoedel said. “Again, something that doesn’t make sense, but has continued to be passed down the family tree and then throughout Elvis’ recorded history. From this, it can be determined that Gladys most certainly received two defective genes and a more severe form of the disease through the marriage of her first cousins.

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