How did Andrew Peter Garforth fare? Killer in jail for killing Ebony Simpson, a 9-year-old schoolgirl

How did Andrew Peter Garforth get away with it? Killer in jail for killing 9-year-old schoolgirl Ebony Simpson

Ebony Jane Simpson was murdered in Bargo, New South Wales, Australia on August 19, 1992. Simpson, who was nine at the time, was drowned by Andrew Peter Garforth before being kidnapped, raped and asphyxiated at dead.

He was sentenced to life in 1993 after confessing to murdering Simpson. Judge Peter Newman refused to establish a period of no parole, so Garforth’s papers were ordered to be stamped “never to be released”.

Andrew Peter Garforth

Andrew Peter Garforth

What happened to Andrew Peter Garforth?

Andrew Peter Garforth is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the murder.

Despite Garforth’s appeal, the High Court of Australia rejected his request for special leave. There were two situations similar to this for which special leave was denied.

When Garforth argued against his sentencing, the judges explained what life in prison means and pointed out that in many situations the community’s interest in the punishment, deterrence and protection of children and community may be so overwhelmed that a life sentence becomes the only alternative.

Information about Andrew Peter Garforth

A second unsolved murder from 1979 involving Felicia Marie Wilson, a 19-year-old Western Australian living in Kwinana, Perth, has Andrew Peter Garforth as a suspect.

A former Miss West Coast runner-up, Miss Wilson was assaulted on January 10, 1979 at 4.30pm on her way home from Kwinana Community Health Centre. She was brutally attacked while naked, lacerated and given a 27kg block of limestone on her head.

The manhunt died down until the early 1990s when WA detectives learned from NSW Police of a man who allegedly dreamed of Miss Wilson.

In 1994 NSW Police had more information about Miss Wilson’s death which linked Garforth, who was residing nearby at the time, to the unsolved crime. The investigation is still ongoing.

Murder was Ebony Simpson’s method of death.

Simpson got off her school bus on August 19, 1992. She asked Simpson’s older brother to pick her up and drive her home after her bus arrived because her mother usually met her at the bus stop. bus that day but was otherwise busy.

Unfortunately, when his bus arrived later than usual, Simpson was not there. After failing to find her brother at the bus station, Simpson decided to start her walk home. Simpson was looking forward to seeing his brother home again.

By the time the cops arrived, they believed Simpson had been kidnapped rather than escaped. Near the area where Simpson boarded the bus, a man who was seen working on his car drew suspicion.

On August 21, two days after her death, police found Simpson’s body in a roadblock at a wildlife refuge near her home. Later that day, when Andrew Peter Garforth was arrested, he confessed to the murder.

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