‘May God forgive him, because I wouldn’t’: Sister of the victim of a sex offender attack who had horrific prior odours

‘God forgive her, because I wouldn’t’: Sex offender attack victim’s sister who had previous horrible smells

BRONX, NYC: On Wednesday August 12, a man was brutally beaten and assaulted outside a restaurant in New York City. Bui Van Phu, a 55-year-old suspect, has been arrested and is charged with attempting to kill someone. Jesus Cortez, 52, the victim, was brutally beaten in the unprovoked and wordless attack. The attack left him with a fractured skull.

The victim’s younger sister, Veronica Cortes, applauded the NYPD after the suspect was quickly arrested and said her family suffered greatly from Phu’s attack on her brother. God forgive him, because I wouldn’t, she said in an interview with the Daily News, adding: “He hurt me and my family a lot by putting us through this. .” The 52-year-old victim is a resident of the Bronx district.

Boui Van Phu

Boui Van Phu

At 163 East 188 Street in the Bronx, the incident happened outside the Fuego Tipico restaurant. When police arrived at the scene at 10:45 p.m., they found Cortes unconscious and bleeding from the head. He was rushed to hospital, where he is still being treated. Following Phu’s arrest, the NYPD confirmed this. They believe that before Phu punched Cortes without any prior verbal or physical altercation, Phu and Cortes must have left the same restaurant. The 52-year-old fell to the ground unconscious after continuing to brutally beat him.

Phu returned to the restaurant after his one-sided, self-initiated argument with Cortes, then disappeared. He was described as a grown man with an average build, medium complexion, and some baldness. At the time of the incident, he was wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt and gloves.

Cortes, a resident of the Bronx, worked in the kitchen of a restaurant in Brooklyn. According to a statement made by his sister regarding his attacker, “These kind of guys don’t have to walk the streets. I experienced a mixture of helplessness, rage and sadness because the individual who caused the harm is unaware of the harm he has caused the whole family. His brother suffered a fractured skull, a fractured cheekbone and a cerebral hemorrhage. He was quickly transported by EMS to NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi.

Additionally, Phu’s court records reveal a long history of criminal charges. He had been convicted of attempted robbery in 1991. His conviction for raping a 17-year-old girl at gunpoint on December 24, 1994 made him a registered sex offender. 2019 saw his release from prison.

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