Sense of Humor in Disney+ She-Hulk: Lawyer

The highly anticipated She-Hulk starring Tatiana Maslany is finally on Disney+, at least the first episode. With the very first scene and his conversation with his paralegal friend Nikki, we realize that there is going to be humor woven throughout the story and the episodes. We are going to give you a glimpse of all those moments that will make you laugh or at least make you smile.

1. Break the 4th wall

Immediately breaking the fourth wall by speaking to the camera and to us, the audience, is nothing new. But the conscientiousness with which the show is treated is surely a novelty. The show begins with Jen Walters practicing her closing argument for a case she is working on. Before we pursue said case and go to court, we see its entire history. This happens after Jen Walters looks at the camera and tells us that we won’t be interested in avocado stuff unless and until we get huge stuff first. It’s definitely a fun moment considering it’s also absolutely true. After all, we fans are nothing if not stubborn and relentless. There is another similar moment where she uses this technique to tease and pull Bruce’s leg.

2. Try yoga together

Elle Hulk and Hulk doing yoga

Wait, no. It’s not yoga. According to Smart Hulk, this is DBT Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, a clinical process, not a spiritual one. This gives us a pretty funny and only a little gritty exchange between Jen and Bruce. As Bruce tries to teach her to be more present, Jen has other things on her mind. She mocks Bruce and his technique with the use of stereotypes,
“Let your thoughts drift away, relax your neck, bend your knees if it’s more comfortable, hold back your farts. Namaste, all day”
When Bruce tries to explain that it’s actually about connecting with yourself and knowing your surroundings, she cracks us up (pun intended) by saying “Oh, I thought it was about squeeze my ass like hell, upstairs”

3. Jen Walters’ friendly and fun personality

Jen Walters

We all love a superhero who looks like any of us. Jen isn’t a hulking superhero tackling looming global crises. No, she’s just a lawyer trying to do her job while being a hulk. She likes to eat Cheetos and has the package lying open in her car. What’s interesting is that she eats them with chopsticks. Why do you ask? To avoid Cheetos fingers. I’m sure we’ve all had Cheetos fingers before and shamelessly licked them.
Later, after transforming into She-Hulk, Bruce made her pancakes to help her calm down. Wouldn’t we all like to stuff pancakes in our mouths when we’re stressed?
She-Hulk also watches Pixar movies. She talks about the scene where Bing Bong jumps off the wagon in Inside Out. I bet she cried while watching the movie too. The final bit of relatability is that she’s still paying off her law school student loans!

4. Captain America’s Virginity

Captain America

Bruce told Jen all about his friend and colleague Steve Rogers aka Captain America on their road trip. After hearing everything, the conclusion she draws is hilarious. According to her, Captain America is a virgin. After becoming a superhero with the serum, he couldn’t have had time. Then he was stuck in the ice. Then it was enveloped again by global and other threats. But is it true? Well don’t worry because we have the answer. In the episode’s post-credits scene, Jen continues to mope about Captain America, saying that with his perfect ass, he shouldn’t have died a virgin. Hulk, tired of his antics, finally reveals the truth. Steve Rogers lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 while on the USO tour.

5. Hulk loves his air horn

Jennifer Walters woke up with a horn

Jen sleeps in her human form as the Hulk sneaks up on her and wakes her up with an air horn. It makes for a hilarious moment as Jen transforms into She-Hulk and smashes the bed she was sleeping on. Even the Hulk recognizes the comic moment. The air horn continues to make appearances throughout the episode.

6. Hulk Wears Spandex

Hulk tells She Hulk to always wear spandex

Hulk was teaching Jen how to become Hulk. One of the lessons he taught her was to have two wardrobes – one for Jen Walters and another for She-Hulk. This is where he makes a comedic revelation. Hulk loves his spandex. He tells Jen to be his spandex’s best friend too. Turns out he wears spandex so he just stretches out when he walks around. After all, we saw Hulk rip his clothes off and get naked during The Avengers as he fell from the sky.

7. Drink together

Hulk and Jen drinking together

Hulk tells She-Hulk one of the benefits of being huge and green. Since their body has such a high metabolic rate, they can drink as much as they want and never drink. The scene where they drink together and then belch out loud with near-perfect synchronicity was definitely a laugh-out-loud moment. However, the one thing the Hulk didn’t warn her about was the Hulk-sized hangover that follows the next day.

After all those laughable moments in the 1st episode itself, we can’t wait to see what more this series has to offer.

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