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‘That’s really ridiculous…I have a career’: Stranger Things star Joe Keery says the internet stares at him and categorizes him based on his looks, calls him ‘Stupid, Internet Fodder’


Actor Joe Keery who played Steve Harrington in the science fiction series stranger things on Netflix admitted that he doesn’t like the way viewers “fix” on his hair in episodes.

The actor has been candid about how he feels about the controversy surrounding the actor’s hairstyle on the show and thinks it’s ridiculous to stretch the subject too much.

Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things
Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things

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The style of Joe Keery and Steve Harrington

In the TV series strange things, Joe Keery portrays the character of Steve Harrington. Tommy and Steve were close friends and Nancy, Mike Wheeler’s older sister, was Steve’s girlfriend.

Stranger Things Canvas Print
Stranger Things Canvas Print

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Steve Harrington, one of the show’s main characters, was frequently featured in a distinctive way. According to Joe Keery’s stylist, Steve had a “prep” in high school, and he was deliberately intended to make the character look a bit goofy and unsociable.

The third episode, where it was done as a joke (and required a lot of shampoos, hairspray, and grooming), seems to be where the styling team finally worked on their hairstyle.

The public has fun with Steve’s hair, it’s Jow Keery’s nightmare!

When the show came out and a wide array of viewers sat down to watch it, it’s no surprise that they finally took notice of the character’s weird hair.

This review leads to a myriad of memes and talks about actor Joe Keery’s hairstyle and eventual recognition by the messy locks on his head.

Stranger Things actor Joe Keery
Stranger Things actor Joe Keery

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Of course, it didn’t take long for Joe Keery to realize that he wasn’t a fan of the treatment he was getting.

“It’s really ridiculous. It’s not something I have control over… It’s just internet fodder that gets carried over and is now attached to me. I can’t really hit him. I have a career, so I have to say, ‘Who cares? I take it.’ But that’s not something that interests me at all either. Yet people seem to really care and fixate on it, for some reason. It’s so stupid, honestly.

Well, no one would want to be known for something they had no control over (embarrassingly though) and Joe Keery is no exception.

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stranger things 4 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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