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The Five Worst TV Parents


Unfortunately, the characters of many television shows, there is always an example of bad parenting, whether it’s the questionable actions of Peter Griffin in Family Guy, or the entire cast of parents in Rugrats (I mean those kids were always in danger, almost neglected), or any number of other TV parents, it’s easy to find a parent who doesn’t his parental duties. Here are the five worst TV parents.

5. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

homer simpson

The most famous of all comic dads, it’s not hard to get him on this list. Whether it’s his ignorance, and many times to have his children, his outright abuse of poor Bart’s trachea, or the shirking of his duties in general, whether at work or at home. home, Homer is not a guide on how to be a good parent or role model. That doesn’t stop him from being one of the best characters on the show, and we don’t watch The Simpsons for parenting advice.

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4. Frank Gallagher (Shameless)

David Threlfall as Britain’s Frank Gallagher

The only parent on the list so bad, he could be involved twice, and somehow is. Whether you choose the American or British version, Frank Gallagher is a deplorable and disgusting human being who thinks only of himself. Sleeping with his child’s underage girlfriend, stealing his child’s child support for beer money, or repeatedly cheating on his partners is just the beginning of Frank’s seriousness.

3. John Winchester (Supernatural)

the five worst tv parents
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester

Unresolved issues regarding the untimely and fiery death of his wife aside, allowing and even encouraging his two sons, his only remaining family, in a war against supernatural forces is irresponsible, if not downright abusive. It’s only in the series’ first season and a few episodes after that that the lessons the two Winchester brothers learn from their dysfunctional father stick throughout, constantly putting them in increasingly dire circumstances and dying multiple times. time. This is what happens when you are treated like a soldier in a war, rather than a son by your father.

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2. Cersei and Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)

TV’s most infamous twins

Two of the worst parents and at the same time, two of the worst siblings in the history of television. Beginning the show with the now infamous and shocking sex scene, the two siblings quickly escalate into murder, betrayal, and more incest. This ignores the fact that they endanger their children, try to marry them off for power, and are generally bad parents, even in game of thrones standards.

1. Gemma Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Gemma Teller as Katey Segal

Number one on the list of TV’s Five Worst Parents, Samcro matriarch Gemma Teller is one of the mainstays of the series. From season one to the end, she’s involved in every major story arc, whether as Clay Morrow’s old lady or Jax Teller’s mother. Another parent encouraging her offspring into a life of drug dealing, murder and kidnapping, she goes the extra mile by giving the mother of her grandchildren a heroin overdose, and later, with a step- different daughter, she squarely gave her the skull. She is a terrible mother and her actions contribute directly to the death of her son and many others.

There you have it, the five worst TV parents. Who else would make your list?

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