Top 5 British Gangster Movies

Honestly, this comprehensive list of the top 5 British gangster movies might just include films directed by Guy Ritchie, who over the years has cemented his small niche in Hollywood as the go-to guy for a gangster movie set in London and around around. However, that would make for a pretty boring and predictable list, so not all five entries are his films. Here are the top 5 British gangster movies, in no particular order…

5. Blue Story (2019)

The cast of Blue Story

Starting right off with a movie that’s less about hard-core gangsters and more about gangs in London, and arguably the only entry on the list with a message behind it. The film explores the issues and challenges young people face today, the few opportunities they have, the peer pressure to get involved, and how violence on the slightest can cause snow with disastrous consequences.

4. Legend (2015)

Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy

The popular film starring Tom Hardy as the despicable, criminal twins The Krays, the film walks a fine line between glorifying their criminal habits and showing them in a favorable light. The film makes us realize that for every good they might have done for their local community, they were still depraved and brutal criminals.

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3. The Gentleman (2019)

Matthew McConaughey

the gentleman is Guy Ritchie’s first entry in the list, which is one of his most recent films. Starring Matthew McConaughey as a wealthy American drug dealer who tries to sell his business and live his life, Ritchie’s way, many things go wrong and many people die – some in unfortunate circumstances, but almost fun.

2. In Bruges (2008)

Top 5 British Gangster Movies
Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell

The second entry on this list of the top 5 British gangster movies that doesn’t necessarily revolve around British gangsters is In Brugge. The film follows two assassins played by Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell, as they await further orders from mobster Ralph Fiennes after a hit gone wrong. Definitely a dark and bloody black comedy, infinitely quotable, and will have you laughing one moment and cringing the next.

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1. Snatched (2000)

Top 5 British Gangster Movies
Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and Stephen Graham

Without doubt the most famous of Guy Ritchie’s films, and in my opinion his best. Featuring a bare-knuckle fighting champion in Brad Pitt, To tear out follows several different storylines, before bringing them all together in a chaotic fashion at the end. A film that will no doubt be talked about, quoted and remembered for years to come, is the quintessential British gangster film, and I won’t hear anyone say otherwise.

I could have chosen many other movies from this list of top 5 British gangster movies, but this is what I chose. What did I miss? What would you have added?

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