Two young children’s decomposing bodies were discovered in bags purchased at an auction.

The decomposing bodies of two young children were discovered in bags bought at an auction.

NEW ZEALAND, AUCKLAND Authorities said the bodies of the two young children, discovered in suitcases purchased at a storage unit auction, had likely been there for a long time.

On August 11, a family in Manurewa, Auckland, bid at an auction and bought the contents of the storage container, only to find human remains inside. On Thursday August 18, New Zealand Police Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua said they believed the remains of the children, aged between five and 10, may have been in the luggage for three to four years . According to Vaaelua, the size of the two pieces of luggage was comparable and the family who purchased the stuff from the storage unit is in no way related.

The Kiwi family reportedly placed an online bid for the contents of the storage locker, which is a standard technique for recovering money from storage units where rent has not been paid. The idea also served as the basis for the popular American reality TV show “Storage Wars”. Most of the time, potential buyers are prohibited from carefully reading the content before the auction and they are required to submit their bids in the dark. Only if they win the auction are buyers allowed to view the contents of the unit. In this case, it was not until the family returned home after collecting the unit’s abandoned luggage that they made the horrific discovery.

Bodies found in suitcases

Bodies found in suitcases

Authorities are currently reviewing CCTV evidence, but Vaaelua acknowledged the case would be difficult given how long the bodies had been kept in the suitcases. He acknowledged that New Zealand was sheltering the relatives of the victims. However, the children have not yet been officially identified. The inspector acknowledged that he knew the act had “seriously” offended the neighborhood.

Vaaelua told a press conference on Thursday that “we are still on a fact-finding mission and we still have a lot of unanswered questions”, adding: “I really feel for the family of these victims because there are relatives there who are unaware that their loved ones have died, particularly two young children. Due to the youth of the victims, he said the investigation had been difficult for the officers involved. According to reports, the suitcases also contained personal and household items.

A homicide investigation is ongoing and New Zealand police are working with the international criminal police organization Interpol. The New Zealand Herald was told by a neighbor of the Clendon Park home that the trailer that held the luggage also had “prams, toys and a walker” in the back. Another neighbor, Shelton Honana, told Newshub he felt bad for the family even though they had nothing to do with the incident. “Whoever did this, please come forward. Brother, that’s a little unfair. It’s horrible and scary. On the evening of August 11, after the bereaved family phoned the police, nearby witnesses saw three separate hearses outside the home. The huge rental trailer that was used to deliver the cargo to the house was also seized by investigators. Following their shocking discovery, the family was offered therapy and a huge blue tent was erected at the site.

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