CelebrityWhat happened to him ?The news of the author's...

What happened to him ?The news of the author’s passing was confirmed by a friend.


Joseph Delaney: What happened to him? News of the author’s death was confirmed by a friend.

On August 18, 2022, Joseph Delaney, an English author best known for his “Spook’s” series of dark fantasy novels, died suddenly.

Delaney is the author of a number of fantastic works during his career. He was born in Preston, Lancashire, England on July 25, 1945, as World War II was coming to an end.

Joseph Delaney

Joseph Delaney

Joseph Delaney Death, Cause of Death and Obituaries

Tony Higginson, a member of Joseph Delaney’s inner circle, posted a tweet on August 18, 2022, using the @AJHigginson account, announcing the passing of his good friend and author Joseph Delaney.

He posted an image of Joseph with the following remark: “I have known him since the first book of our collaboration and am deeply saddened by his passing. , Joe”

Additionally, the tweet included a link to Delaney’s Facebook page. Thus, his death was confirmed via his official page. According to the report, Joseph Delaney died on August 16 after a long battle with cancer. Therefore, cancer is what caused his death.

The article goes on to say that he wrote, lived up to his publisher’s standards, and engaged with his readers until the very end in order to hide his illness from the majority of people.

The revelation, however, seemed to come out of nowhere as neither other media sources nor his family members had reported on his passing. Also, his death has not yet been reported on his Wikipedia page. Few details have so far been made public.

After the death of Joseph Delaney, his family is in mourning

Many of his devoted admirers, supporters and other well-known personalities have expressed their sorrow at his passing and their wishes for his family to have courage.

Delaney made English literature, dark fantasy and mythology accessible to the general public. He affected people’s lives, which is an incredible legacy to leave behind. Many people have sent their condolences to the family following this tragedy.

Delaney has three children in addition to nine grandchildren. His wife Marie died in 2007 at the age of 58.

What happened to Joseph Delaney? battle against cancer

On August 16, 2022, Joseph Delaney, author of The Witch’s Warning, lost his battle with cancer and died in heaven.

His death was only reported on his Facebook page and via a tweet from one of his close friends an hour ago when it became public.

Delaney was a quiet, introverted person who avoided media and paparazzi attention. He was caring and kind. He therefore sought to keep his difficulties hidden from the public eye and known only to a small group of people.

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