CelebrityWhere is Grace Hughes, a young girl? As PI...

Where is Grace Hughes, a young girl? As PI accuses a “despicable” organisation that acts in the shadows, fears increase


Where is Grace Hughes, a young girl? As PI accuses ‘despicable’ organization operating behind the scenes, fears grow

Australian Federal Police have joined the search for missing five-year-old Grace Hughes. Police say she was taken away by a “despicable” gang who “peddle beliefs and false information”.

As of August 9, Grace and her mother Laura Hinks, also known as Laura Bolt, have not been seen since leaving their residence in Berrimah, Darwin. Authorities say Grace has not been seen since Hinks abducted her during a supervised parental visitation at 1 p.m. last Sunday without the consent of her “legal guardian.”

Little Grace Hughes

Little Grace Hughes

Grace will be sent home, and local police and the Australian Federal Police have pledged to do everything in their power to reunite the young child with her parents. According to the most recent information, the Northern Territory Detective’s Acting Senior Sergeant Jon Beer claimed that the organization responsible for Grace’s abduction continues to “peddle beliefs and misinformation”.

Grace’s continued accommodation will continue to be the focus of Northern Territory Police attention, according to Sgt. Beer. “The police will use every tool at their disposal to find Grace.” Anyone found to have protected Grace’s kidnappers would be held legally responsible and face serious consequences.

Northern Territory Police had already charged a 50-year-old woman in connection with Grace’s disappearance before the complaint. A case of abduction of a child under 16 and one count of attempted abduction of a child under 16 have been brought against the woman. She appeared in court on Monday but declined to give details of the girl’s abduction.

According to Detective Superintendent Kirsten Engels, Grace’s alleged abduction will impact her mental health and cause her to experience childhood trauma. On Sunday, she said: “We know there will be people in the community who can help us, they will know where Grace is and they can help us. “We ask that you act morally, reach out, phone the police and provide us with any information you may have.”

She added that authorities have been doing everything possible to locate Grace so she can resume her usual daily activities. “To take clemency in this matter is not acceptable,” she added. “Whatever obstacles stand in the way of his return, they should and could be addressed appropriately. »

Our primary concern is Grace’s safety and well-being as we know that removing her from this conference and separating her from her siblings would be an extremely traumatic experience for her. Her mental and psychological health will likely suffer, she noted.

Grace is characterized as a young girl with brown eyes, brown hair, and a fair complexion. She was wearing a short-sleeved white dress, white socks and black sneakers when she was last seen. While her mother is small, has black eyes and hair, and a fair complexion. She was last seen wearing an ankle-length floral dress or skirt in white and green, and a long-sleeved top in white or cream.

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James Barrow
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