How Does DeVonn Francis Look? Visit Instagram To Get To Know The Selena & Chef Cast

What does DeVonn Francis look like? Visit Instagram for the cast of Selena & Chef

DeVonn Francis, a gay chef, will appear as a guest chef on Selena Gomez’s cooking show, Selena & Chef. On August 18, 2022, HBO Max will premiere the fourth season of the cooking program.

To explore her heritage and culture and rethink the importance of food and culture, DeVonn Francis, a first-generation Jamaican-American queer food artist, founded Yardy in 2017.

Francis, a male by birth, identified as bisexual. Sexual and gender identities other than heterosexual and cisgender are referred to as queer. Accordingly, anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual is considered queer.

DeVonn Francis

DeVonn Francis

Who is Selena & Chef’s chef, according to queer chef DeVonn Francis?

DeVonn Francis is a Jamaican-American gay food artist who fell in love with cooking as a child. Francis, like his brother, was an introverted child who preferred to stay home with his mother.

Francis used to spend his afternoons cooking with his brother. Then, motivated by memories of his youth spent in Jamaica, his father opened a restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia, after retiring from the Navy.

While working in his father’s business as a teenager, the culinary artist developed an interest in Jamaican ingredients and dishes. He hated being the kid who showed up with oxtails in his lunch box in the middle of the school cafeteria.

DeVonn moved to New York in 2011 to enroll in the Copper Union art program while working as a waiter in the neighborhood. He was a server at Estela where he developed a close bond with the executive chef, managers and owners.

DeVonn Francis Partner

On the Selena Gomez cooking show Selena and Chef, DeVonn will collaborate with Selena and other well-known chefs. Selena and her co-chef will discover the joys of cooking while filming the new season of Selena & Chef at a beach house.

DeVonn’s relationship with them as the couple’s American-born child expresses how he conceptualizes “what it means to be from one place”. DeVonn’s parents immigrated to the United States from Jamaica when they were teenagers in search of a better life.

DeVonn once said on Twitter that the relationship would be over if his partner ever used the word “plantain” in front of his parents or future child. Although the celebrity chef did not disclose his partner, we can assume that the lesbian chef will soon reveal who he or she has decided to spend the rest of his or her life with.

DeVonn Francis, a well-known chef, how old is he?

On January 29, 2020, the celebrity chef posted a photo to mark his birthday. The Jamaican-born chef celebrated his 27th birthday by posting a photo on Instagram and tagging some friends.

In 1993, on January 28, DeVonn was born. This year, on his birthday, the Yardy creator posted photos from when he was young. He will make his television debut on Selena Gomez’s cooking show at the age of 29.

At the age of 24, DeVonn started Yardy, a food and media event company that celebrated queer and immigrant culture. Through this project, he embraced his family’s traditions, values ​​and heritage.

Join the DeVonn Francis Instagram account

DeVonn Francis can be found on Instagram, where he posts updates on the tasks he has completed. He also uses the platform to highlight queer and Jamaican food culture while promoting himself and his works.

On Instagram, the first-generation Jamaican-American queer chef has amassed a massive following. He posts updates about events in his life on Twitter in addition to Instagram.

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