Who Is “To Accomplish The Impossible” Star Nick Lavery? Meet The Retired Army and Hear Him Discuss His Challenges

Who is ‘To Accomplish The Impossible’ star Nick Lavery? Meet the retired Army and hear him discuss his challenges

Nick lost his lower limbs in Afghanistan in 2012-2013 after being deployed there. During an “insider attack”, he was struck four times in the right leg while fighting with a PKM machine gun from just 15 feet away.

His bravery enabled the unit to rescue everyone on board and secure the VSP for medical evacuation with no further casualties. His courageous actions and bravery in the face of peril inspired the members of the VSP to complete the mission and helped save the lives of his comrades.

The U.S. Army, Joint Special Operations Task Force Afghanistan, Joint Special Operations Task Force Afghanistan, and he are all commended for his actions, which meet the highest standards of military bravery.

Nick Lavery

Nick Lavery

Who is ‘To Accomplish The Impossible’ star Nick Lavery?

Former Special Forces Sergeant-at-Arms Nick Lavery has completed the Network Development and Unconventional Warfare Operational Design programs. He is a certified airborne and combat diver.

He has Special Operations Combat Operations (SOCP) and Modern Army Combat (MACP) instructor qualifications.

Combat Diver Qualification Training, SOCP Instructor Course and Special Forces Warrant Officer Technical and Tactical Certification Training were all successfully completed by Nick, the only amputee in military history.

Nick has received numerous awards, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Special Operations Command Excalibur Award, the OSS Society Peter Ortiz Award, three Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars, a Bronze Star with a “V” for bravery and two merits. Medals.

The military life of Nicky Lavery

Nick is an active duty Special Forces soldier in the United States Army. Special Forces, commonly referred to as Green Berets, perform important functions such as unconventional warfare, direct action, counterinsurgency and special reconnaissance.

Nick lost his leg in Afghanistan during his second combat deployment in 2013, when his detachment came under internal attack.

He had a year of treatment, started his recovery at Walter Reed National Medical Center, and then he was able to join his squadron. Instead of opting for military medical retirement, Nick decided to return to active duty.

In 2015, Nick returned to his detachment after completing a demanding assessment to determine his operational readiness. After that, he was ordered back to Afghanistan to engage in full-spectrum combat operations.

The first Green Beret to recover from an above-knee amputation is Nick. He shouldn’t be alive. Doctors are baffled as to how he managed to survive outside of surgery for more than two hours with a severed femoral artery.

Height and age of Nick Lavery

It looks like Nick Lavery is in his 40s. However, his exact date of birth has not yet been made public. Since an army normally has this huge buildup, it has an amazing build. Nick is a tall man, standing 6 feet 11 inches tall.

He is also the husband and father of Dominic Lavery, and has been in the military for over ten years. The birth of Nick’s son was one of the highlights of his life, but he would describe a typical beautiful day as starting early, going for a run, eating and spending time with his wife and son.

In his spare time, he enjoys weight training, reading, swimming, shooting, practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu and doing everything with his family. He has been described as kind, tenacious, modest and determined.

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