‘Chris Evans is such a nervous Nelly’: Robert Downey Jr says Captain America needs to ‘man up’

When it comes to the friendship shared between Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., it’s safe to say that the two are quite close in real life. As Captain America and Iron Man, we’ve seen their shared synergy result in a nice, well-fleshed out camaraderie/rivalry. Regarded as actors who have undeniably played the two most iconic roles in mainstream media history, RDJ and Chris Evans have proven over the years that despite intense on-screen feuds, the two have always been together. good friends. However, in 2016, on a late night talk show, Downey Jr. explained why he thinks the snowdrops alum should “standing man.”

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

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While promoting Captain America: Civil War, the renowned actor and MCU superstar shared an incident that happened during the film’s premiere on Jimmy Kimmel Live. According to his statements, Evans was struggling with nervousness.

Robert Downey Jr thinks Chris Evans is a nervous Nelly

Chris Evans and RDJ
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

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While recounting his experiences at the Los Angeles world premiere of Civil war, RDJ was asked about his co-star Chris Evans. The sherlock holmes the actor, when faced with the question of who got the best seats at the premiere, said all he knew about Evans was that he was a “Nervous Nelly.” The 57-year-old screen star expanded on her claim by saying the following:

“He [Chris Evans] gets it all… I mean, because you know, he plays a real dude in the movie. I love Captain America, I hate to say it. I’m not supposed to say that. I love Chris, I love Captain America. But before the premiere… He’s all nervous.

According to Downey Jr., the two shared a ride on their way to the premiere, and Chris Evans became visibly anxious. It got to a point where the 41-year-old actor kept asking questions like, “Should you go first, or should I go first?” To this, the Iron Man alum had the following response:

“Stand up man, man! We gotta get to that premiere together!

The celeb’s response drew laughter from the audience, who may have found the idea of ​​anxious Evans a direct and hilarious contrast to his on-screen self. RDJ then explained the reason for such nervousness and how, over time, actors become “immune” to her.

Captain America Franchise
Captain America: Civil War

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A universal experience shared by the actors

When Kimmel asked Robert Downey Jr. what Chris Evans was worried about, the actor explained how all celebrities tend to get upset. The experienced actors, who have been trained to deal with the audience, also tend to be overwhelmed at times – it’s no surprise. Relating the incident to his own experiences, the Dolittle the actor pointed out how pretty he was “pump” backstage before coming to Kimmel’s show. However, at the same time, RDJ said that over time people tend to “immune” to her, and what once seemed nerve-wracking, becomes exciting business.

Chris Evans as Captain America

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To justify why his co-star got nervous, the actor said this:

“I think last night he [Chris Evans] suddenly, suddenly, I realized ‘This is exciting!’

Although RDJ and his statements were lighthearted, there’s no doubt that most celebrities are anxious about important life-changing experiences. For Evans, showing nervousness during one of 2016’s most anticipated premieres is simply human, and no one can blame him.

You can see the full interview below:

While MCU fans miss the on-screen chemistry between Evans and Downey Jr., it’s obvious the two actors are quite close in real life and never miss an opportunity to poke fun, albeit amicably, each other. amuse each other. For now, fans are looking forward to the day they see the two stars together in a movie again.

Captain America: Civil Warstarring Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, is available to stream on Disney+.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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