‘We didn’t even save the scenes with Batman’: Batgirl makers utterly devastated after WB Discovery deletes incomplete movie sequence, proves David Zaslav is a ruthless monster

It is revealed that the cancellation bat girl The HBO Max project has been shelved, including Michael Keaton’s Batman footage. Shockingly, a truth was revealed that the movie wasn’t even close to being finished, which is contrary to how most of the media reported that the movie was finished and worth 100 million. dollars to make.

The Canceled Batgirl Movie Wasn't Close to Being Finished
The Canceled Batgirl Movie Wasn’t Close to Being Finished

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Warner Bros. Discovery and David Zaslav canceled the project to use as a tax deduction, which would prove if the movie was completely deleted, and the tax deduction would mean they couldn’t make any revenue from bat girlthat’s why they may have deleted everything so as not to risk a leak or rejection.

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Batgirl Wasn’t Even Close to Finishing, Directors Confirm

Batgirl directors were surprised after the film was shelved
Batgirl directors were surprised after the film was shelved

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bat girl Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah spoke about their experiences with the film’s cancellation in a YouTube interview and revealed that it came as a surprise to them.

“The guys at Warners told us it wasn’t a talent issue on our part or on the part of the actress, or even the quality of the film, we were in the middle of editing. There was a lot of work to do. So it wasn’t like the movie was done. They told us it was a strategic change. A change in direction. They can save money.

Billall Fallah added:

“First when I heard the news, I was shocked. I didn’t know how to react. I wanted to smash stuff. Scream. I was like it wasn’t happening.

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Batgirl Directors Reveal They Tried To Save The Movie, Including The Batman Scenes

The directors revealed that they tried to save the footage of Batman
The directors revealed that they tried to save the footage of Batman

In a TikTok video, the director also said that he and his colleagues tried to save the film from HBO Max servers and tried to make copies on their devices, but unfortunately they were unable to do so.

“Everything was gone. We were… ‘Holy shit!’… We didn’t even last [the scenes] With Batman in it.

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What shocked us was that the movie was reportedly 90% complete according to media reports and was set for a streaming release on HBO Max later this year. The story would have shown the main character’s origin story, with Leslie Grace taking on the lead role. JK Simmons, who played Jim Gordon in the DCEU movies, was set to reappear. But the biggest excitement and biggest plan was the return of Michael Keaton’s most anticipated Batman comeback. But the film was canceled in August due to the so-called ‘strategic decision’ by Warner Bros.

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